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The features on the essentials of motivation.

The Essentials of Motivation

We all crave for inspiration every now and then. We all go through our lives wanting encouragement, that little extra push to help us on the road to achieving our goals because as we all know there can be a lot of potholes and we definitely do not want to fall into any. We all have dreams and aspirations that we hope to achieve before we leave earth, we all want to know that we have achieved our goals because it makes us feel accomplished. As the saying goes it is easier said than done, which is very true as nothing in life comes easy and that is why motivation is important because without it we fail before we even started. Motivation is what keeps us holding on when it seems or feels like all hope is loss, motivation is what gives us that strength or power to reach for the stars no matter how far up they may be, motivation whispers in our ear ‘go on you can make it’ , it is that voice that keeps us from giving up. Motivation can be defined in many ways and everyone has their own definition of what motivation is, Gardner defines motivation as a driving force behind an effort.

However there are two types of motivation, there is intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation is very vital as it is the motivation that comes from within us and that is essential as it helps us to move forward at all times despite the impact that negative external factors may have on us. Being self-motivated we are able to be positive beings and are able to whether any storm. Some of us lack self-motivation and therefore we need to learn how to become self-motivators and we can start by engaging in positive self talk by voicing positive things about ourselves and believe in our self because when no-one does we need to be the one to have faith In ourselves because when we do, we will make it through any rain and thunder.

Extrinsic motivation comes from external forces such as verbal praises, rewards such as gifts or even a good grade. When we are rewarded positively we become motivated to excel in our goals and aspirations. We are able to climb higher than where we are at. The important person in our lives can be extrinsic motivators as they are the ones most of us we rely on for encouragement, reinforcement and approval. For example if we are running in a race and we are far behind, when we hear our ‘VIP’s’ cheering us on we are then motivated and we increase our effort and come out on top and if we do not come out on top if the persons we deem as important to us comforts us then we feel motivated to continue despite the fact that we lost because it is not when we lose that we fail, we fail when we fail to continue.

Therefore it is important that we are self-motivated because whenever we are influenced by the external factors that are negative we will be able to continue and not give up by allowing these factors to impact us in that light. Motivation is the key to happiness or should I say one of the most important keys to happiness because true happiness comes when we are able to smile through our storms, because as humans we will go through many storms. So keep smiling despite whether your storm is good or bad, remember your altitude determines your attitude. We are the ones who are responsible for our own happiness. When we depend on others to make us happy then we can never truly be happy because they will fail but when we have that spring of self-motivation in us then we will be able to see the sun despite the bad weather.

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