Bad Habits Relationships Destroyer

The dispute is not only about the affair between couples.

Do you often fight with your spouse? Many couples are stuck in a bad relationship without knowing the cause. Not only about the affair, just often provoked controversy from bad habits in managing the relationship.

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Psychiatrist Rebbecca Glad ding, MD, and author of You are Not Your Brain: The 4-Step Solution for Changing Bad Habits, Ending Unhealthy Thinking, and Taking Control of Your Life, revealed five bad habits that could potentially destroy the relationship partner, was quoted gal time . com.

1) relationship destroyer: Fighting to maintain ego
Dissent is legitimate. Each has the right to give arguments to defend his opinion. However, sometimes a lot of couples who keep arguing because each wanted to win the “battle”.

There is a stickler for spouses of 100 percent agree with his argument. There are already aware of the argument is right mate, but stayed on because the ego does not want to be seen to lose in front of the couple.

Stop this practice. Try to control the ego when discussing with a partner. Do not you always put your partner as an enemy that must always be subject to your argument.  logical thinking for the sake of harmonious relations and prevent disputes length that you need.

2) Assume
It could be her way, lest he was, or would he like it, … Such sentences are usually easily ignited when fear and anxiety crept away. The charges are so easy to come up and put myself as a victim of lies, without any communication with a partner.

Do not get used to keep the shadows or feel a sense of foreboding before you communicate the issues with a partner. Open communication in relationships. Talk about all the problems. Still and assume it will ignite a potentially damaging dispute harmonious relationship.

3) The pursuit of security feeling
Not only showered with tender words, women are also very happy if their partner to repeat his commitment to the relationship. And women tend to like to discuss the same topic, especially when he had made a mistake or cheating.

Discuss a problem or ask partner’s feelings are important, but there are limits. Do not make good business sense to make the couple feel it is not trusted. Remember the character of the man, getting pushed, he was even more away.

4) Check the phone
See the phone lying spouse may be very tempting. Is still in touch with his former partner? Does your partner to lie? These questions are normally move our hands to check for short messages and email couples secretly.

Despite a raging curiosity, this actually indicates that we do not believe it with a partner. Be careful, personal check things couples can actually trigger serious conflicts that can destroy a relationship. If you really want to read it, do it while being both a partner, not secretly.

5) Discuss the important things through the electronic service
Get used to discuss serious issues with a direct or face to face communication. Although a number of chat service provides a variety of emoticons, it can lead to false perceptions that lead to a long dispute. However, eye contact, body language and tone of voice becomes an important element in a serious discussion

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