Be Good to You

Some of the gender bias that we are subject to is because we do not fully appreciate and respect ourselves as valuable contributors. Women need to learn not to take themselves for granted.

If you keep giving of yourself without taking thought of yourself, soon there will be nothing left of you to give. Do not waste time waiting for someone to come along and stroke your ego, feed you compliments, appreciate you, fix your dinner, run your bath and so forth. You are building inner resentments, as you wait, and (even if you told them) no one has a clue. It’s up to you to appreciate yourself and to set limits on what you are willing to do for others and what you want in return. Not only are men bad at nurturing, they also failed mind reading. Women are great at nurturing, everyone but themselves, that is. We must learn to protect and respect our “source”, our inner being. It is from us that life springs. God created us to be man’s help mate – not his “do it all mate.” Back up, and let someone else pick up some of the slack, and remember we are still valuable, even if we do not make 90% of the contributions.

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  1. Great article Judy. Well written and thoughtful.

    Best wishes.


    -Liane Schmidt.

  2. Thank you, Liane. I did not think this article would ever be read again. lol I appreciate your picking it up, dusting it off, and having a look.

  3. Thank you for such piece of good work. Take care, Judy.

  4. We live in a messed up culture.

  5. Brian, yes we do, but we have it a lot better than some others and have more options than we once did.

  6. Nice article!

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