Believing in Yourself

Hello friends, As we all know God went through a lot for us to be at peace with our self and to be free from sin (errors/mistakes) humans/.. come across or create…

When we make mistakes you admit them and do damage control.  When you start the day right

and slowly get bummed out.  Just know you have to ability to change your mental and physical

situation/environment.  Just by changing your prospective, changing your surroundings,.  Getting

aways from the stressful environment,.  Saying excuse me or just leaving,.  And knowing you

don’t have to put yourself in that type of situation/.  Breathing in and out.  Thinking positive thoughts,

buying positive materials, chatting with positive people, friends, family,.  That gives you joy/.

Having a you day/.  Always completing your things to do list/’s.  Completing your personal goals list/’s,

Always being good to yourself.  Loving yourself.  Putting your needs first.  No matter what. 

You always count.  Your thoughts,.  God and Jesus loves you and always wants you at peace

and feeling chill’n,.  Consider smiling, laughing and enjoying your life.  Random act of kindness

always makes it ten-fold better.  Doing community work also helps as well.  Donating to your local

food back, donating time to those who could use motivation,.  

If you have been in an abusive relationship.. get out of that.. any way you can.  And, start living again,.

Even if you feel uncomfortable, or close to it.  And they are not listening. Change your world.

You don’t have to accept their abuse.  Know yourself, have a you day such as..  walking, dancing,.                

Just keep it in perspective.   

If you have issues.. talk to a close friend, family, any one that will listen,.  If you have a mental issue

or physical issue.. go to your friends, family and your family Doctor and get help right away.

Your feedback is requested…

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  1. so you are saying “If it feels good, do it”? That’s not always the best advice lol

  2. Thinking and acting in positive manners will generate a better outcome. Staying in contact with family and friends who will give positive advice will assist as well.

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