Benefits Motivation

We all certainly know the importance of motivation in the learning process. In a study is needed motivation.

Motivation is an essential condition of learning. Learning outcomes will be optimal, if there is motivation. The more precise motivation is given, the more successful the lesson was.

So the motivation will always determine the intensity of the effort of learning for the students. It should be emphasized, that motivation is closely related to a purpose. Motivation affects the activity.

Benefits Motivation

There are three functions of motivation proposed by Syaiful Bahri, namely:

a) Motivation as a spur to action

At first the students did not have the desire to learn, but because there is something to look forward, there was interest in learning. This is in line with her ​​sense of curiosity that ultimately encourage students to learn. It is this attitude that underlies and ultimately lead to a number of actions in the study. So, who serves as the driving motivation of this affects the attitude of what students should take in order to learn.

b) act as the driving motivation

Psychological impulse that gave birth to the student’s attitude is an unstoppable force. Students will do activities with body and soul. Reasonable to proceed with their attitude and mind exercise that tends to bow to the will of the act of learning.

c) Motivation as a steering action

That is by determining what actions should be undertaken to achieve objectives that support, by setting aside the deeds that are not useful for that purpose.

At the core benefits of motivation can be concluded that motivation as a driver of activity, motivation as a driver of action, motivation and motivation as a director acts as the selectors act

Hope can help in enhancing our motivation.

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