Book Testimonial “I Want to Work an Asperger Story” Foreword Dr Attwood

This afternoon I received a testimonial concerning my book which I thought I would share with others.

Testimonal of book “I Want To Work An Asperger Story” by Garry Burge with Foreword from Dr Tony Attwood.  More infomation about the book

“Hi Garry

My son has you on his Facebook friend list.  He wanted to purchase your book so I gave him my credit card details.  You weer prompt in posting the book. Thank  you. Wow! What a book.  So much of your story is my story and indeed the story of so many adults who are on the Autism Spectrum.  We didn’t benefit from an early diagnosis like the kids of today.

I experienced the same difficulties that you did throughout school. I had a limited work history. Anxiety got in the way as did the fact I wasn’t given enough instruction when attending a job.  Speed was another, was never fast enough.  Centrelink, the job networks and Job Capacity assessments were all a nightmare for me that meant more anxiety.  I mostly avoided applying for jobs just so I could avoid anxiety.  It was difficult dealing with Centrelink, the job networks and job capacity accessors when I knew I was different but couldn’t tell them why.  I was diagnosed in 2007 when I was 46 1/2. My son was diagnosed in 2006. He was 25 1/2. 

I wish you very success for the future. thank you for communicating with my son on Facebook and Thankyou for writing your story.


Liked it
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  1. Well done Garry, that’s awesome. Must make you feel so, so good.

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