Can a Bad Relationship Make You Sick?

Toxic relationships CAN make you sick!

Have you ever heard someone say to another, “You make me sick?” Can one person really make another sick because of their wrong choices and bad behavior? The answer might surprise you, but “Yes, some people can be toxic, and they CAN make you sick.” Some people can make us sick because we are social creatures, and what others do affect us. It affects our emotions, and our health is tied to our emotions.  And our emotions are tied to our relationships.

So what do you do about toxic relationships? What do you do when you can’t ignore or walk away from many of the people who make you sick? You can’t change others; therefore, it is up to to handle such relationships in a positive manner.  You can stop focusing on the wrong that others do. You can see them as God sees them. And if you can’t love them through your own heart, you can love them through God’s heart. When you are tempted to say, “You make me sick”  think of something positive to say instead of calling sickness into your own life because of the behavior of others.There is a remedy for every toxic relationship. You just have to find the right medicine for the cure.

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