Can Fighting Make a Relationship Stronger?

As you all know men and women are different. In fact every man is different, so as every woman. Disagreements and conflicts are therefore quite normal in any relationship. Fighting is inevitable in a relationship particularly in today’s modern lifestyle. Should fighting be avoided in a relationship? Or can fighting make a relationship stronger? Please read more….

Why do couples fight? There could be many reasons for couples to fight now and then.  It can be due to infidelity of a partner, ego, economic issues, not compatible in many matters, bad habits, finding faults, arguing, dis satisfaction in sex, bad manners or  the simple reason to grab the attention of the partner- just like a child trying to get the attention of its mom.

Can fighting be a good thing in a relationship? Some people think that fighting strengthens a relationship because it helps to understand the exact problem and may be the problem solved at once. Even if it’s not solved at least no one is bottling up their feelings. It may lead to more intensive and more exciting sex after being angry for some time.

Can Fighting Make A Relationship Stronger? I think, if a couple can avoid fights that will be the best relationship though it sounds ideal and not reality.  If fights can’t be avoided, they should be fair and free from ego, abuse or criticism. If the fight can help to resolve the actual problem it can be tagged as a healthy fight. If you can carry on healthy discussion while fighting, it is okay.  In short if fighting can’t be avoided, let them be fair.  Some people may think that fighting would lead to more pains and hence should avoid the fights and end the relationship for ever. It’s childish and shows that they don’t really their partners.

Summary: In any relationship fighting can’t be avoided. It won’t harm a relationship if it’s a fair fight. If there is no ego and if you can agree to disagree fighting is acceptable. A fight with little scope for resolution should definitely be avoided. Fighting in relationship is inevitable. It may not strengthen the relationship. Nevertheless it may help to resolve the actual problem between the couple. Thanks for reading.

                                             True love carries no ego

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