Celebrities with Bipolar Disorder

Some famous confessed publicly, but others took their secret to the grave.

It’s no nonsense, although television network and some are jokes about it, but the so-called Bipolar Disorder affects  to 4% world population, a considerable number as you take it seriously.

Before it was called manic-depressive psychosis, and that qualification would not let any doubt about the seriousness of the disease.

Official figures are on known cases and medicated, but there are still many people who do not know they have, then, according to some, is a thing of job stress, and according to others, is a question of character. And it is not. As calls for a visit to the specialist when it might suspect that this is the cause of the alternation between good and bad moods. Because life is NOT so, but because they are external symptoms are caused by various internal problems.

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* Jim Carrey, Elizabeth Taylor, Robert Downey Jr, Mel Gibson, Ari Telch, Alejandro Bracho and Miguel Pizarro made his illness public

Mexico, 1 May. (Notimex) .- Following the British actress Catherine Zeta-Jones recently confessed to suffering from bipolar disorder, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez think they also suffer from this condition.

Zeta-Jones said openly suffering bipolar affective disorder (BAD), formerly known as manic-depressive psychosis, abruptly alternating periods of excitability (mania) to other depression.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), this condition affects about 4 percent of world population and is the sixth leading cause of disability.

Some time ago, the wife of actor Michael Douglas, recognized the importance of asking for help early, plus if your bipolarity has helped others to attend, then it will be worthwhile, since she was admitted to a health center mental for five days.

Jim Carrey, Elizabeth Taylor, Robert Downey Jr, Mel Gibson, Ari Telch, Alejandro Bracho and Miguel Pizarro, are some of the personalities who have been affected by the TAB, as well as Oscar winner.
The actor Jim Carrey, who in such films as “Irene, me and my other self” or “Liar Liar” gave life to the mentally ill, and his life is not so foreign to these roles. According to the declaration of a friend of the actor, his break with Jenny McCarthy was caused by his mental condition.

Elizabeth Taylor, one of the muses of the Seventh Art, died April 23, married with seven men who never achieved stability and though he never spoke openly of their illness, some people have commented that their depressive episodes his addiction to alcohol led to multiple failures sentimental.

Russell Brand, Katy Perry’s husband, has been affected by this evil, suffering from two diseases: bipolar disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Thanks to a very thorough follow-up can lead a normal life.

The stepmother of actor Robert Downey Jr., told an international publication that was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, although he has repeatedly denied.

For its part, Mel Gibson admitted in the documentary “Acting class 1977″ I was manic-depressive. Many psychologists have said that was shielded by his illness to justify his violent outbursts and narcissism.

In Mexico, Ari Telch, last year, was rushed to a psychiatric hospital in this city due to a crisis product of bipolarity. The actor has been affected by the disease since age 13.

Alejandro Bracho has also had to walk on the hospital for this disorder, who because of a project that did not materialize and which hoped to succeed, was depressed to such a degree that led him to consider suicide.

His face haggard, his voice breaking and even with the conviction to try again, the actor Miguel Pizarro struck in 2004 to discuss her illness and her suicide attempt.

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