Cellulite Removal : Review on VLCC Shape Up (Hips, Thighs and Arms Shaping Gel)

User review on VLCC Shape Up cellulite reducing gel.

Cellulite is a problem most of us face at different points of life. My turn was when a surprising weight gain (5 kg in two months!) occurred last year, due to sedentary lifestyle during study holidays, combined with late night binge eating during exams.

After exams, I resolved to work out, lose the flab and tame the cellulite as well. Along with regular exercise, a friend suggested I use a gel by VLCC which helped her get rid of cellulite. The product is called Hips, Thighs and Arms Shaping Gel in the Shape Up range of VLCC. It is a product available in India by the popular Indian fitness chain VLCC.

What the product claims: Helps in reducing cellulite, tightening of slack tissues and shapes your body. This unique gel makes you look beautiful by giving your skin a firm and smooth appearance. Get beautiful arms and legs in just 14 days.

Ingredients: Oils of Cyperus Pertenuis (Cyperus) 0.4%, Ptychotis Ajowan (Ajowsa Seed) 0.3%, Citrus Aurantifolia (Lemon Peel) 0.4%, Foeniculum Vulgare (Sweet Fenne) 0.4%, Punica Granatum (Pomegranate) 0.55, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) 0.3%, Geranium Sylvaticum (Geranium) 0.5%, Extracts of Geledium Amansi (Spirulina) 1%, Triticum Vulgare (Wheatgerm) 2%, Quercus Infectoria (Galnut) 1%, Gel Base Q.S.

Directions for use: Massage the gel with light strokes on your hips, thighs and upper arms for 15-20 minutes after bath in the morning.

My experience: I started off with zero expectations, as creams that promise miracles like removing fat and cellulite do seldom work. Every day after bath and every night before bed, I massaged this cream religiously into my hips and inner thighs for about 5 minutes. The pack recommends a 15 minute massage but you tend to run out of the gel in less than 5 minutes!

What I liked about the gel is its texture – quite watery, easy to use and completely non-sticky. You can just apply it and forget it is there..especially on areas like inner thighs where stickiness would be a problem while walking.  Also, there is no tingling sensation, as expected from most herbal products. What I didn’t like about the gel is its fragrance- it smells like Zandu balm. VLCC seems to have gone out of its way in making the product seem ‘herbal’. The fragrance tends to linger and people kept asking me if I had a headache or backache. But it came in handy once when I had to fake an illness to escape early from a boring event. :D

The pack recommends using this gel in the morning and Shape Up Hips, Thighs and Arms Shaping Oil at night. I don’t quite like the idea of using massage oil at night or at any time of the day, without having to wash it off. So I decided to stick to two applications of the gel and used it religiously for over three weeks.

Results: The product claims to firm skin in 14 days. But I hardly managed to see any difference after 14 days. However, the gel seemed to have just begun to work after two weeks..there was slight reduction in my cellulite. So I continued the usage (along with regular exercises like leg curl, inner thigh roll, etc) for another 12 days and there was still quite a bit of gel left in the tube. After almost a month, I could see visible results. The cellulite was nearly gone; my skin didn’t look loose and flabby at all. J

Also, within a month, I lost 4 kg of previously gained weight. Swimsuit all the way! :D

Purchase price: Rs. 380 for 100 gm

Purchase location: Pantaloons, Bangalore. Also available in Health and Glow, Spar outlets.

Product recommended? : Yes

Rating: 4/5 (1 mark cut for the heavy fragrance)

I sincerely pray that you guys may never have to use it because cellulite is a wicked witch. But if you have to fight it off, use this gel and combine with regular weight training. All the best.

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  1. Very interesting info. Hope it is not a product promo.

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  4. No kind of promotion. There are not many reviews of ‘Indian’ fitness products online..hence the share. :)

    Thanks, everyone.

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  6. thanks for the info.but i want to reduce celulite without doing any that possible only by using this oil.

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