Conscious Choice of Object: Narcissism Choice

Terms and concepts of psychoanalysis.

For Freud, conscious choice to act in the object are two main forms: single object for support (based on the object model of the parental introjected) and narcissistic object choice. When individuals seek to receive something in return for their investment in an object, it will actually be investing in itself, featuring the narcissistic choice. Thus, an individual house to feel safe and gain recognition, have made the choice to marry so narcissistic.

Narcissism is characterized when the individual chooses himself as object of pleasure for the return of security and recognition of the investments made in the various objects chosen for support: the daffodil what love is, love what we idealize, trying in every way the realization of this love through the payoff of the people, things and systems, and in old age will love what it once was, trying to be accepted and recognized for what it was and he has done.

In the narcissistic choice, the object may be one’s own body (aesthetic vanity), or the pride of intellect (the assumption), the vanity of knowledge, or arrogance (vanity of power), or the pride that is the pride of perfection, i.e. the choice of body and mind as objects of pleasure, seeking safety and receive recognition for what he envisions to be, structured by the standards egocentric in their character and their personality.

The discovery that certain individuals, particularly gay men, choose your love object from the model of themselves (choice of similar) Freud did admit the existence of narcissism. The first object choice in childhood is always narcissistic (homosexual – herself) and subsequently, in adulthood, will lead the individual to choose a heterosexual support. The child always chooses an object similar to their genitals. In the case of an adult homosexual, narcissistic notion of sexual choice is not simple: the object of the homosexual is chosen from the template of the child or adolescent who the guy was. Everyone is predominantly homosexual
narcissistic (complementary series:%% a narcissistic and support), but not every individual is predominantly narcissistic homosexual, may be heterosexual. Predominantly narcissistic individuals are profoundly egocentric, vain, arrogant, conceited, selfish, jealous, and so on. They love when they feel recognized and loved, and so win and drop partners, it does not fit anyone.

Some authors claim that the daffodil live set and regressed to childhood, trying to reproduce the original relation of secondary narcissism, infantile, and so the model of parental introjected. So daffodils heterosexual men may unconsciously seek in all women, make him happy that mom has offered support, making it sometimes unfaithful, unhappy and unable to maintain a stable relationship, a fact compounded by the maintenance of Oedipus in adulthood.

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