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Whenever we are down, kind meaning friends would ask us to count our ________? What do you think that word is?

Whenever we are feeling down and out, kind meaning friends would ask us to count our ________? What do you think that word is? Did you expect me to say blessings? Is it easy to count your blessings when you are feeling down?

Were you expecting me to ask you to count your blessings too? No, Not today.

If you are really feeling down, I would like you to count your frustrations…curses if you may, that you think life has unfairly dealt you.

Make a list, as long as you can of all the unfair hurts that you are suffering. Don’t stop at five, or even ten. Try making a list of a hundred if you could.

Could you? If you are not able to do it, Good. Then it may make sense to you what your other friends have suggested all this while. You can stop reading this article and do the other exercise instead (i.e. count your blessings).

If you have made a list, whatever the count… 5, 10, 15, even 100. Very good. Now take the list and do a search online (e.g. google it) for each of the items you have listed. When the search results appear, scan through a few listing and see if there are people in your same lot, or are they better off or worse off than you? Do that for the rest of your list. Open your eyes and compare your hurt with theirs.

The alternative is that you should take a walk through some neighbourhood where you know houses children without parents, abused wives, drug addicts, outcast ex-convicts, the handicapped, the unwanted old folks, the blind, the lame, the diseased and you add to this list. Talk to the people you meet, and see if you don’t come out thanking God for the situation you thought was the pits for you.

Whatever situation you are in, trust me, there are others, make it many others, worse off than you. Once you make this list of curses in your life and go through this exercise, maybe you might remember how blessed you are for the rest of your life.

If you are still unconvinced, I hope Ralph McTell’s old favorite take you for a walk down memory lane and rekindle some heartstring tucks:

So for goodness sake, heed your friends’ advice and count your blessings one by one, day by day. Don’t you know that counting your blessings will improve your mental health too?

8-) sgkeat

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  1. nice one,…great share

  2. thanks, rubie.

  3. Interesting topic. I haven’t thought of counting frustrations. Your suggestions are worthy of giving a try. Thanks for sharing.

  4. great work

  5. Thanks

  6. I was feeling down today actually as I had a lot of worries and also partly I did not sleep enough but after I read this post, I feel so much better, very inspiring one, you are right, I will use this heed your advice from today onwards.
    I like this song “Street of London” a lot, reminds me of many years ago when I learnt guitar, this song was one of them that the instructor taught, something like this, I like the tune and lyrics :
    “Let me take you by the hand and lead you thru the streets of London, I’ll show you something to make you change your mind”.
    but I forgot how to strum this.

  7. star, we are in same country. If need to play on guitar, I can teach you. lol.

  8. We should already realize no matter how bad your life is some else has it worse. I try to remember this every day. Great post and a very interesting read Sgkeat

  9. haha, thanks Keat.
    I have to start from the beginning I think. In fact, I have learnt strumming/plucking from Yamaha, including classical ones, but I was not goot that time but I enjoyed the strumming session, but now I have forgotten, will have to start all over again.

  10. Thanks Betty and Star,

    By the way, I just submitted an audio version of this article. You may want to access it when it is published. Do let me know if an audio version helps. Thanks.

  11. creative ideas for feeling better! I will try this one day when I am feeling down.

  12. I am counting my excuses. If only I have less excuses, I would have more money.

  13. Hi Cheng, Less excuses = more money? Interesting thought. Enlighten us sometime with an article on it.

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