Dark Eyes Cause and Its Cure

Dark eyes have been a common problem noadays. Dark eyes doesn’t discrimation male or female. See what cause dark eyes and how we can cure it.

Dark eyes can be a major discomfort for our look. Who want to look like a panda? Nobody does. But with hectic lifestyle, more and more people have dark eyes problem nowadays.

Most of dark eyes problem are cause by how we take care of our body. Dark eyes can also cause by certain illness but it is very rare. So what have cause dark eyes to most people?

Lack Of Sleep

This is the common cause of people getting dark eyes. Lack of sleep will cause the eyes to get tired. This will lead to dark eyes as time goes by.


Stress has been heavily link to dark eyes. Stress can cause fatigue and eventually can cause dark eyes as well.

Lack of Nutrition

While it is uncommon, lack of nutrition can also lead to dark eyes. Healthy diet that rich in vitamins, proteins, and minerals are important to nourish our body and avoid dark eyes as well.


Dark eyes cause by dehydration is very rare. Dehydration will cause the skin to dry and weak. Tiredness and dryness will cause the eyes to sage thus makes the eyes area to become dark.

Dark eyes cause by the four factors above is easy to cure. There has been a easy way to cure black eyes which is widely used and proven.

·         Cut some cucumber into thin slices. Apply it to eyes for at least 15 minutes. Do it every day until the eyes are back to normal. Cucumber will releases stress and cool down the eyes as it brings back the moist to the eyes skin.

·         Consume more water. Water intake should be around 2 to 3 litres a day. Water will rehydrate the body and flush away the toxin. This will make the skin to be more moist, tighter and firmer.

·         Teabags have been widely used and known as the most effective way to cure dark eyes. Put cold tea bags on top of the eyes for at least 10 minutes every day. Cold tea bags will refreshed the skins.

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