Dealing with Bipolar Individuals and Their Finances

A short article dealing with the effects the ability for an individual that suffers with BiPolar disorder to manage their own finances.

I firstly must start by saying that I am well known BiPolar sufferer of many years, and having obtained my diagnosis only in the past few years, I write mainly about my experiences and the experiences of other sufferers in a generic form, so as to protect their identity. I do not write articles without asking the individual if any for their permission before an article is published.

I was diagnosed with BiPolar disorder around 4 years ago, and after receiving this diagnosis, I have spent most of my time trying to handle the effects of the medication, along with attempting to control my finances. I have been rather fortunate in terms of my finances, as I have been able to run my own business, something which it appears most individuals suffering from BiPolar are forced to do (or so it would seem).

One of the problems experienced by both myself, and several of the other BiPolar sufferers that I have met, is the ability or urge to run up large credit based debts, when manic, and then as soon as the mania has subsided, the individual will realise that they have gravely overspent, and will leave them panicing, as a result of their inability to be able to control their finances when they are in a manic state.

There are fortunately ways to deal with this if you should find yourself or someone you know in this position. The Citizens Advice Beauru are ideally placed to help you, along with your local mental health team, again in an ideal position to help you move yourself forward and relieve you of these debts, which have been caused during a period where you were not in a sound state of mind. There are fortunately laws and other means by which you can protect yourself from acting in this way in the first place.

If you arrange for someone to take over your finances in the case where you are manic or in the middle of a manic episode, and by giving them the power to do this, you are then protected to ensure that your finances are not put into further difficultly as a result of your condition.

Finding help is something that whilst is not always the easiest to do, it can be essential for any sufferer or those who care for any sufferer, to ensure their continued financial stability. This stability is crucial for those who want to be able to buy their own houses or buy a new car in the future. It can take up to 10 years for your credit record to be repaired to the point where you are able to make any large purchases.

So what do you think? What are your tips for making sure that as a BiPolar sufferer you or your loved ones do to make sure that you have the support required to be able to function financially in a normal(ish) way.

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