Dear Diary, is Bipolar People Criminals?

This week a Bipolar person almost blew up a hospital in our town!

Dear Diary,

This past week was difficult and hard. I feel tired and wish tonight that I could just pull the covers over my head and sleep for a few days, without talking to anyone! Disappearing from planet earth for some days will be helping me recover, I think.

I was feeling awful the past week, terrible migraines, and dizzy spells. I have no idea why! I just felt so bad. In addition, with it all I had toothache! Was really nasty! We were working extremely hard and late nights and early mornings were plenty.

My son and I had an awful fight tonight, and it hurt so much! I feel emotional and sad. I’m not in the mood for fights. He came to say he is sorry, afterwards. I accepted, but still my heart feels as if it is broken.

Dear Diary, a Bipolar Person threatened to blow up a hospital in my town the past week. It was headline news. He planted a bomb in the hospital, and demanded a couple of million rand, or he would detonate the bomb. Luckily, the bomb was found and the person was caught! Is there a higher risk among psychiatric patients and criminal acts? I wonder, I will look that up!

I am going to drink my tablets in awhile and go to sleep. The Serequel, makes me eat as if I am pregnant, and I am gaining weight again. I am going to stop drinking them again. There effect on my weight is terrible! I hate all this pills I have to swallow day and night. Cannot wait for the day I will be in heaven, and not needing to drink any tablets!


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