Death The Final Frontier

Every Will Experience Death.
How Can We Help Others to Cope.

Our you afraid of death? Have you lost someone dear to you?

Everyone has been touched by death in one way or another.

I personally have experienced this grief and at times overwhelming sorrow.

How can we help those who are going through this valley.

The initial shock a person may feel at the death of a loved one

is a kind of buffer to help them get through, they may not want to eat.

But please make them a cup of tea or some soup and just hand it to them.

They will probably take it automatically and need the nourishment.

They may not want to talk that’s okay just be there.

They may or may not be crying and they may want to be alone.

Please don’t try and make them laugh or tell them what they should do.

But do say something, you may be afraid of saying the wrong thing.

Something is always better then nothing, I try and say I am so sorry for your loss.

Or something heartfelt depending on how well I know them.

Please don’t say if there is anything I can do call me, just do something and be there.

Many kind friends and neighbors have made frozen dinners and fruit plates etc.

And that kind of help is usually really appreciated, If there is any thing practical that needs doing,

like babysitting or cutting the grass why not do these things.

If you can’t physically be there I least send a card to show you care.

Each mans death touches us because we all have to experience this event.

I am not afraid of death for me it will be a going home to be with my Saviour and loved ones.

I choose to live each day to the fullest with all the joy and sorrow and hope .

Death may be a mystery but it is one we all will understand one day.

We need not fear death if we have faith in God.

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  1. they have left the final line out i have tried to fix x3
    we will all understand some day
    and have no need to fear with faith in God.

  2. Thankyou, Laura for this beautiful share. No, we don’t have to fear death, because there’s so many loved ones, waiting for us, on the other side! God Bless

  3. Very good article. I’ve been there and it’s hard to do, but worth the effort.

  4. I remember nearly drowning as a child once and being in a very contented place. I was wrenched back to life, but I’ve never feared death since then.

  5. sobering

  6. really really good article, thanks for sharing it

  7. Deep & true

  8. Very good article

  9. So true, we all touched by Death, we should not be afraid.

  10. indeed, beautiful! Keep on with the good work.

  11. Truthfully, I know I will see God and daddy but am petrified of dying. I love life so much I do not want to leave it. My priest says daddy spends all day gazing at the face of God the Father. But he does not think my dogs are there.

  12. Excellent share.

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