Deathly Morbid

Why our society puts such an emphasis on death is beyond me.

Why our society puts such an emphasis on death is beyond me.  We cry for years at the death of a loved one.  To me, the bereavement process of other cultures can be a great example to follow.  Celebrating life is what it is all about. 

We bury the person and visit their grave sometimes.  Sometimes not at all.  I have a relative that died when I was younger, about 40 years ago.  I have visited the grave site maybe four times.  Every time I go, I always end up just bawling from the moment I enter the cemetery until I leave.  It seems like such a morbid place.  And a morbid experience.  Cremation, to me, seems like such a wonderful alternative.  Especially after all the nightmares I had as a kid from “viewing” all those lifeless bodies of relatives.  I know they say it is important to include the youngsters in the grieving process, but not like that. 

Death is a personal thing.  And people grieve differently.  And in their own time.  But why do we in the south always have to put the dead person’s body on display to leave such horrifying memories for all.  Especially the youngsters.  It is not good.  Celebration of life to me sounds like a much better alternative, especially for the younger members of our society.  Hopefully, it will change in time as the young people grow up and take over.  Just think about countries like Japan, where they do not have any physical place to bury all the bodies.  Or people that live in countries that have been at war for over 30 years.  They cannot afford to cry all the time over each loss.  They would spend all their time bawling.  I hope we can learn from other societies and make death less morbid in the future.  Me, I just don’t do funerals anymore.

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  1. good share

  2. This is an interesting article. I took a class called “Death and Dying” in college and we talked a lot about the weird relationship our society has with death. We watch movies and tv shows where horrible deaths are depicted (even though they’re not real, they’re often quite graphic) and we watch the news and hear about people dying…but when we have a loved one dying from an illness we put them in hospice or a nursing home when at one time people died at home with their families.

    Now we have funeral homes to fix them up and make them look alive and we embalm people in order to prevent the natural decaying process….it’s very strange how we seem to be fascinated by death and at the same time we hide from it and avoid it.

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