Coping with a common ailment.

One of my family friends whom I address as ‘Uncle’, from here onwards, is a very kind and nice person. But recently, he got into a habit. Though it does not look bad, we felt something wrong. So his son took him to their family doctor. After some diagnosis, the doctor named it as “Attention Disorder”, one of Dementia’s categories. This is something related to one’s memory power.

So, what that new habit my uncle occurred is, he cannot concentrate on one task until he completes it and keeps changing his tasks. For example, he used to water plants in the morning and in between that work, he remembers that he didn’t send a post to his friend, and goes inside the home to collect the post, and when he opens the drawer to take the mail, he sees his son’s car key and remembers that he has to give a water service for that. So he forgets taking his post and takes the car key and walks to the garage to clean the car. While walking to the garage, he sees his pet dog and remembers he needs to give food to it. So he goes into kitchen to take some food and there he sees the glass doors are unclean. So he goes into the bathroom to take some soap water for cleaning.

I can keep saying this task changing. But the final output is, he does not complete even a single task and he leaves everything in the middle. He is not able to concentrate on one task, until he completes it.

Though it does not look obvious to others, people around him can feel that. Once I went to their home and asked for a pen, as I were writing some details, which uncle asked for. Uncle went inside his room to take a pen, but he didn’t return for a long time. So, I just peeped in to see what he was doing. He was cleaning and arranging clothes in his closet.

The doctor who diagnosed him told that this disorder can affect people of any age. But it increases more with age. Adults are more prone to it. Also he said, people who take more drugs, having diabetic issues have more chances for this disorder. But good thing he added was, it can be treated. The quick and easily note able symptom of this disorder is, people who have this looks too active doing a lot of job but will never complete a task. In few rare cases, this disorder happens because of tumors or pressure in the brain. Thankfully our uncle has no such issues.

Doctor prescribed some medicines to him. Along with that, we suggested him to keep a piece of paper with all “to do” notes in it. He should move to another task, only if the first task is completed and marked in the paper. We feel some improvement in him. May GOD bless him.

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  1. thanks for this article! very informative!

  2. Very good piece of information and well written article.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. It’s always interesting to read personal experiences; they are are more palpable and easy to relate to.
    Thanks for writing this.

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