Depression Can Make Money

Hi! It’s nearing 5pm and time for me to close shop for the day. But before I go, I’d like to share an interesting finding of the day: A few hours back I put up an article related to Depression. And it seems like the topic can generate views and consequently earnings.

Right! So while we here and on the topic, “Depression can Make Money”.

What exactly do I mean when I say, “Depression can Make Money”. As mentioned in the introduction, the article that I put up on “depression” got a lot of views(and I am happy for it!). Infact the number of views are already quite close to one of the first topics that I wrote on, “Can you make a living on Triond?” There too, I didn’t think it would generate much money but the article has already made 5 cents. But then I also covered the “Pirates of the Carribean-5″ which is in the top searches (and that hasn’t got the views that I expected!).

Anyway, getting back to the main subject of my article:“Depression can Make Money”, I say this because it has worked for me! I have researched a bit and discovered that a lot of people do look up the topic. At first, I didn’t want to write this because I thought, “hey man, I have faced the blues and I don’t want to use the experience to get some views!” But then I also thought but it’s more than the depression and  the views…This is about sharing ideas and experiences with one another. If one topic worked for me, maybe it’ll work for someone else and by writing about my experience today, I would have got 1 more article  and I would also help others with title ideas. 

So, since I have only a few minutes more before I wind up for the day I felt I should quickly compile an article stating that it might be a good idea to explore the topic of depression.  I think the title is bound to generate a substantial number of readers. Besides it is an important topic: Depression is among the main disease that concern the WHO today. With statistics revealing that one in five people (it could well be 3) are likely to experience depression in their lives. Left untreated the consequences could be mild to disastrous like in Suicide.

The topic of Depression is a big one and there are so many issues related to the definition, causes, treatment, implications, etc. I plan to research and write more on this topic(frankly it’s not just because of the views but it does concern me!). I have to go now but before I leave: Tell me, dear reader what do you think?  Should I have shared this with you’ll or not? 

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  1. Your observation is very interesting

  2. cashing in on depression…sounds interesting…will give it a try in near future..tx for the suggestion :)

  3. interesting post

  4. Absolutely right! The title of an article can make all the difference! Nice to know of your experience! :)

  5. though this post was in a rush, but well written.
    Oh, maybe really many people having depression, thanks for telling us about this.

  6. I’m not depression, I don’t like depression and I can’t make money if I’m in this condition, if you have more knowledge, why not to share by write your article, here on triond

  7. reiny please check out my previous post Depression is an Illness and Not You. This article is kind of … an observation…

  8. excellent work

  9. good share

  10. Dear Avissado,

    This is called Optimism.

    Good Observation.

  11. oh good to know this…:)

  12. In a way to me depression moves my hands..

  13. Others have noticed that certain unlikely words in titles generate views. See “Bull**** Has It’s Own Rewards!” by ImKarn23 ( Good observation. And by the way I liked you previous article on depression as well.

  14. Article is useful

  15. I really enjoy reading your articles. They very often keep me completely engaged.
    The topic is interesting. Didn’t know what your article was about until I started reading it. Good work!

  16. As you share your story and provide people with the solutions, you have discovered along the way, you will create some real valuable content. Everyone has their own view and ways they deal with life. Hearing a new story opens peoples minds often to new solutions for conquering their own challenges. So get to writing!

  17. stopped by

  18. intereting

  19. This is really depressing LOL

  20. Nice to hear depression has a positve side!!!!

  21. A great share and it’s very important to understand depressions, the ‘hows and whys.’ Thanks.

  22. Yes, very important topic. Thanks for sharing:)

  23. Another point to make. It took my daughter 3 suicide attempts, to finally get the help she needed. One of her medications was affecting her, with suicidal thoughts. Off this perscription drug, she’s doing just fine! Scarey, isn’t it? Her doctor was unknowingly, sending her into deep depression.

  24. Thanks for sharing this helpful information.

  25. Great share thanks

  26. here again

  27. It is sad that so many are suffering. Your articles will help many.

  28. Very helpful

  29. Perfect

  30. Health articles bring in views and more income.

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