Depression Hurts? Not Always

Many people feel stressed out at different times in life. As emotional beings we are prone to feel sadness and discouragement when things get bad. Sometimes we do not even know we are headed for depression until we get there. Once there we need help finding our way back.

Does depression hurt?  Not always. 

I do not feel happy, but not sad either.

I do not feel pleasure but not pain either.

I do not feel like being social, but I do not feel lonely.

I do not feel like laughing but I do not feel like crying.

I do not feel like eating but I do not feel like fasting.

I do not feel like sleeping but I do not feel like staying awake.

I do not feel like doing anything but I do not feel like not doing anything.

I simply do not feel.  I am empty.  There is a void.  How does one get here?  I am not sure.  I found myself in this place almost by surprise.  There were no warning signs.  I did not feel anything happening.  It just happened.

 One day I woke up feeling fine.  Everything was okay.  Life had been a bit of a roller coaster lately.  Yes, there was stress and worry.  But did I feel sad or depressed.  I do not think so, but maybe I did not feel anything out of the ordinary. I was feeling fine one moment, sobbing the next and soon after found myself sitting on the floor.  I felt nothing.  I was empty.

If you find yourself in this place you need help.  I know you do not feel like asking or wanting help but you do not not want help.  You just are as you are.  Wanting nothing but wanting everything.  You are stuck.  Frozen.  Whether it took time for you to get to this point or whether it hit you like a freight train, you are there and you need a lifeline.  Try to reach out.  I know you do not want to do that.  But try anyway.  I know it is hard to speak, to formulate the words.  Just find someone who cares about you, someone who knows you and say, “I am empty” or “Help”.   Put the two together and it will be even better. 

 Many people feel stressed out at different times in life.  And life has been very difficult for many people lately. Some people are so busy tackling life they do not even realize they are spiraling downwards until it hits them with a thud.  Other people feel a void or emptiness. Some people experience feelings of sadness or hopelessness, but these are fleeting.  Some may feel down and out, but are able to function in every day life.  Some may notice a decrease in energy or a change in their activity level.  Some may have trouble sleeping.  All of these symptoms are mild and temporary if you are experiencing a mild, acute depression.  Many times it is referred to as “the blues”.  However, if not addressed it can lead to a more serious condition. Depression is a demon that will grab hold and pull you down.  Some people can break free but some of us need a lifeline to help us focus.

If you have a mild depression, share your feelings with someone.  It is important to let someone know what you are feeling and thinking.  They are your lifeline.  Spend time with others and get involved in an activity you use to enjoy.  Do not take on too much.  Do not add to the stress load you are already working through.  Eat healthy meals and exercise. Pray and seek spiritual guidance.  Remember healing takes time.

If you know someone who is experiencing these symptoms or appears depressed get involved.  If the symptoms persist or get worse seek professional help immediately.

If you are experiencing any of these feelings or are experiencing emptiness, please confide in a trusted friend, spouse, family member, spiritual leader or medical doctor.  They are your lifeline.

For more information on depression see When Depression Hurts.

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