Disrespect~ are You Embarrassing Your Spouse in Public? Never Do It

Everywhere you go in life, you are bound to see a couple arguing in public or a spouse being disrespected by they’re husband or wife. Public humiliation is very embarrassing to me. The worst thing you can do in public is disrespect your spouse. Disagreements are going to come and go, if anything discuss the situation at home or in private. Here are a few episodes I’ve seen happen before.

A few months ago I was shopping in a grocery store, as I went through and waited in the line a man was loud talking his wife at the cash register. I could have melted like ice because I have been in that kind of situation before, the wife was embarrassed. I could tell because of the expression she had on her face. He was nagging and raging about the grocery reciept to the wife and talking down at her at the same time.

After the couple left, he begin to talk loud outside the store while getting groceries out of the shopping basket. I heard him tell his wife:when I’m correcting a problem at the register, you let me handle the problem. All she was doing was trying to calm him down to keep from being embarrassed, she didn’t want him making a seen in public.

Why did he have to make a seen? Couldn’t he have talked to her in a respectul way? If it would have been a friend or his mother, he would have never treated theim with disrespect, his wife is the most important person in his life?

The wife was going through verbal abuse from her husband. Whether or not he cared, he doesn’t realize that he is doing damage to his marriage. This isn’t the first time I’v ran across people who verbal abuse their mates in public. I myself was verbally abused years ago as well as physical. I was dating a man who verbally attacked me at the CNN center in atlanta. He had gave me a bracelet and I never said once I didn’t admire it.  I guess he took it upon himself the idea that I did not like it, he jumped up at the table started shouting at me in public and destroyed the braclet in pieces. How do couples manage to get along during private times at home?

Harsh words can destroy a marriage, the words you speak can damage a person. Sometimes words that hurt are spoken and they may be hard for a person to heal. Have respect for your wife or husband, never show disrespect in public with your spouse.

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