Does Sexy End After Three Kids?

Most people feel uncomfortable with their bodies after having about three to five kids or more. Some, even after one baby. It’s only natural. Some are lucky and their bodies don’t go out of shape but for some, quite the contrary – the belly and other parts of the body never return to a reasonable shape and they can’t get back to an ideal weight. It affects both genders, but mostly women. Looking good is a boost in confidence but when people no longer feel confident with their body, they not only lose confidence and self esteem, they also feel unattractive and no longer want intimacy because they feel “ashamed” of their bodies.

“Bringing Sexy Back”


I believe that we have to pay a price for whatever we want in life. This could be through money, time, dedication/discipline and if some of the points below are adopted, I’m positive there will be a spring in your step.


1)    Your Crowning Glory. Always have regular haircuts or hairstyles. Some people keep the same hairstyle for years because they “feel comfortable” with it. You could even go a step further and put some light streaks in or colour it. Guys going gray – you can choose to make a change. It’s your call.


2)    Good creams. We shouldn’t have to always go for the cheapest. Invest in your self. Some creams do wonders by toning and firming the body. They may be expensive but well worth it. This goes for men too – use nice moisturisers that suit your skin.


3)    Exercise – Get rid of the tummy flab, beer belly’s etc. You’ve heard it all before but take action and fit the routine into your weekly schedule. Find video exercises to do. You will see the difference if you do it just twice a week – a much toned body.  I could search for some FREE videos online and post the link for you, but it will be motivating for you to search for them yourself. Diets and “Diet Coke” only do so much for the body.


4)    Supportive Underwear – Wear what will give you good support and help you keep firm for now. You won’t feel anything wobbling and hopefully by the time you’ve exercised and toned up, you will no longer require the support.


5)    Beauty Treatments – Manicure, Pedicure (for guys also) Facials, Spa’s etc etc. I think men should also exfoliate once a week. It gives a clear complexion.


6)    Read positive Books/Articles – Our mind is very powerful and reacts to what we feed it. Read positive Articles that will make you stand taller from the inside out or provoke you to making positive changes in your life.  You might want to check out some Life coaches. Tony Robbins is one of my favourites but there are many more for you to choose from online. *More about Tony Below.


7)    Outstanding goals? – Lots of people have aspirations and put them to the side when they have kids. As your confidence grows from step 6, get them out and start working towards them again. You’ll notice your zest for living will return and you are not spending all day being focused on how you look. You are moving on positively and confidently with life. (This helps mentally)


8)    Bring back the Honeymoon period - sure by this point you would have noticed improvements in your life. Friends, family will start seeing changes and will tell you.  From here you can start spicing up your relationship with your partner. I’m blushing now, so I don’t need to tell you what to do here but I’ll just drop a few Keywords: compliments, little gifts, love notes, lingerie, need I say more? :)


Its not Possible?


Check out Katie Price (aka Jordan). Wonderful mum to three kids. (top photo). Kimora Simmons (below) has 3 kids.



Gorgeous Mum and Dad, David and Victoria Beckham – Three Kids and looking Fab and I’m sure you know many other non Celebs. The ones you see when you go to pick your kids from school and get angry at because they are looking so exquisite? But deep down you really wish you could look like that too….


Sexy doesn’t have to end after having 3 kids or more.  I also advice you to watch a few Episodes of Gok Wan’s “How to look good Naked”. It’s a popular TV Series that transforms people physically and mentally. Both those who are featured on the program and those who watch the Program. Stay Fit!  :)


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  1. This is a great share. Gives hope to mothers who feel depressed on their post partum changes.. Great one again.

  2. LadyE…you have provided some amazing advice and suggestions and there are many in our midst who are walking, talking, living proof that sexy does NOT end after three children…this was an easy I Like It vote…thanks for your amazing work…keep up the great job…take care…

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