Eat While Drink Make Your Body Weight

Do not drink during meals are healthy digestive system.

Do you have a habit of drinking on the sidelines of the food eaten? Some health experts warn that such habits can disrupt the digestive system that trigger fluctuations in insulin levels significantly.

Many people think that eating and drinking can accelerate the process of digestion. In fact, do the two activities within the same interval of time it has the potential to aggravate the digestive process.

A health counselor from India, Shonali Sabherwal, said that when eating, the stomach will release the fluid to digest foods. And, the intake of drinking on the sidelines eating it will reduce the production of digestive fluids.

Reduced production of digestive fluids will obviously make the process of digestion is inhibited. Food can not be digested properly.

Research shows that drinking a glass or two of water during meals can interfere with digestion. “It’s better to drink before eating or two hours after eating. It really helps the absorption of nutrients,” says Sabherwal, quoted by Times of India.

To avoid drinking on the sidelines eating, select foods that do not increase the desire to drink. Avoid eating or eating too spicy. Chew food well before swallowing it, and do not rush.

In addition to a healthy digestive system, do not drink during meals also support the creation of ideal body weight.

“Drinking water while eating can also cause a spike insulin levels, just like when you eat a high glycemic load. And the more insulin is released into the bloodstream, the more likely you are to store fat in the body.”

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