Education of Mentally Challenged Children

Facilities for educating mentally retarded children are inadequate nowadays. The education of mentally challenged children has certain key roles in developing their living conditions and making them capable to live independently. Hence, it is high time to modify the curriculum of their education with respect to the current requirements.


 Children who exhibit mental retardation are generally termed as mentally challenged children. Almost all children under this category suffer intellectual deficiency in learning and understanding. Sometimes this state of such children is associated with other disorders also. Hence mentally retarded children show very poor developmental process in all fields of their life. Their talking and walking takes place at delayed stages. Most of the mental retardation cannot be detected during infancy. This can be confirmed only during their later childhood. During this time there may also appear physical disability in association with mental retardation. Children who suffer both physical and mental disabilities appear intellectually very poor and this affects their academic career also.

Intellectually challenged children’s poor performance in education and lifestyle urged the need to teach them specially to develop their mental caliber. To improve their learning skill a special educational curriculum is found necessary. This is how special schools are organized for the uplift of mentally challenged children. The intention of special schools is to provide special educational training to mentally disabled children free of cost. This is really a relief to the parents of such children since they are mentally depressed on account of the disabilities of their children.  Special schools ensure proper services and support to mentally challenged children who have very poor developments in behavior and understanding. The educational support from these schools varies according to the requirements of the admitted children.

Providing special education to mentally challenged children is really a talented job. The educational features are so peculiar that the mentally retarded children can develop their hidden capabilities with full potential. To overcome this task teachers are provided adequate training for teaching this specially designed curriculum. They are also trained to observe the children regarding their behavioral disorders and struggle for understanding. The disability assessing process is very effective since this will help teachers to categorize children according to their disabilities. Children have to undergo special psychological testing at regular intervals together with proper medication.

The teaching manner at these schools is to make students capable to do their primary needs independently. But the individual capacity for performing such needs may vary. Hence the educational program is to be continued until all students reach average capacity for following the designed curriculum. Parents and teachers must conduct discussions at regular intervals regarding the developmental process in children. Those who fail to attain the required educational standard from the schools can be found out by means of this discussion. As per the standards noticed, separate and special attention should be provided to such children to help them to attain maximum potential from the concerned educational program.

Adequate researches should be conducted in the special school teachers training program. These teachers are the main sculptures who bring children from the backline of the society to the front line. Implementation of advanced technologies in the teaching program will reduce the burden of their task and simultaneously the children can recover from their disability within a short span of time. Thus the number of mentally retarded children can be reduced considerably.   

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