Effective Stress Response

Regarding the different dimensions, behavioral, physical, cognitive, emotional, which is more effective in dealing with stress?

The behavioral and cognitive dimensions can be manipulated since the stress responses under emotional and physical are already manifested reactions to stimuli. It has already been established that individuals are not responsible for their emotions, and the physiological responses are initiated by the sympathetic system, thus, leaving no much aspect for employing a certain stress buster regarding the physical and emotional dimensions.

          Thinking about incidents that could necessitate any level of effort is psychologically stressful. Receiving news that denotes an effort is needed is stressful as well. For instance, how would a mother feel if she received information that told her that her son could be showing signs of autism? This situation would of course give her a rush of anxiety.  Leitch (2003) asserts that thinking through the situations that might lead to negative outcomes and deciding how to avoid such unhealthy emotions can now eliminate the possibility of having to undergo unpleasant situations, and cut down the risk of various other things that would have triggered an awareness of a physical effort being needed. He added that other methods to counteract the effects of stress are popularly advocated and have their place. However, managing stress cognitively is something one can do quickly and easily, and it helps to cut off the stress response at the source rather than just clearing up the chemical damage afterwards. 

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