Ergophobia: The Fear of Work

This article discusses Ergophobia or the fear of work.

Ergophobia is an overwhelming, irrational fear of work. The ergophobic individual may fear that they are incapable of handling their job responsibilities and are destined to fail at work. Other people coping with Ergophobia may be fearful of work meetings or committees and having to speak in front of groups of their colleagues.

Sometimes referred to as Ergasiophobia, this word derives from the Greek “ergon”, meaning work and “phobos” meaning fear.

What Causes Ergophobia?

As is the case with all phobias, the person impacted with Ergophobia has experienced an actual trauma. That traumatic experience is that automatically and consistently associated with work.

Maybe the ergophobic person has experienced the trauma and humiliation of being terminated, from employment, due to substandard performance. Perhaps this person is severely shy and withdrawn and experiences intense anxiety when required to socialize or present work related information to co-workers. Maybe the person coping with Ergophobia lacks the necessary skills and training to perform their job and realizes that they actually are failing.

Whatever the cause, the ergophobic person can experience anxiety and emotional turmoil that is completely disruptive to their ability to function.

What Are the Symptoms of Ergophobia?

The symptoms of Ergophobia are individual and will vary from person to person. Some people, when confronted with their fear of work, may begin to perspire, feel slightly uncomfortable or become nauseated. At the opposite end of the spectrum, other people are so severely compromised by this phobia, that they may experience paralyzing anxiety and/or panic attacks.

Other symptoms of Ergophobia may include:

* A Dry Mouth

* Heart Palpitations

* Numbness

* Heightened Senses

* Breathlessness

* Feeling Dizzy

* Muscle Tension

* Hyperventilation

* Trembling

* Rapid Heartbeat

* Feeling Out of Control

* Feeling Trapped and Unable to Escape

* Intense Feeling of Impending Disaster

How Is Ergophobia Diagnosed?

The vast majority of cases of Ergophobia are self-diagnosed. The individual realizes that their fear of work is irrational and is severely compromising their ability to function on a daily basis.

The ergophobic person may discuss their phobia with the primary physician. Rarely would the doctor diagnosis Ergophobia based on that initial discussion with the patient. More routinely, after ruling out any medical reason for this phobia, the doctor will refer the person to a mental health professional for comprehensive assessment and evaluation.

How Is Ergophobia Treated?

When the fear of work becomes intense enough to disrupt an individual’s ability to function, there are a number of ways to treat Ergophobia.

These can include:

* A referral from the primary physician to a therapist who specializes in the treatment of phobias.

* Traditional “talk” therapy that will teach the person to recognize and control their phobia.

* Hypnotherapy.

* Exposure Therapy.

* Self-help techniques such as purposeful muscle relaxation.

* Support groups with other people who are coping with this specific phobia.

* Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or Desensitization Therapy.

* Relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and visualization.

* In severe cases of Ergophobia, anti-anxiety medication can be prescribed.

Ergophobia is an intense, irrational fear of work. Sometimes that fear can become so overwhelming as to completely stop a person’s ability to function on a daily basis. Unchecked, Ergophobia can become a debilitating condition that interferes with an individual’s personal life, their social life and job responsibilities. Untreated, Ergophobia can impact every aspect of a person’s life.

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  1. I know one person who just might suffer from this. He has never been able to work because he just can’t function in that environment. He does have other problems as well. I find these articles very interesting.

  2. I’m glad you’re finding this series interesting. I can’t imagine how painful it must be for a person to be unable to function in a work environment. Hopefully, this person will be able to function in some type of self employment. Perhaps something less structured than the traditional work environment might be less stressful.

  3. cool

  4. I’m certain that i may have this phobia. Here’s how it goes for myself.

    I can’t relax on given days off, because im always worrying about the coming work week. Its to the point of where my stomach hurts because of it. I’m a chef, and ive worked in a few different restaurants over the past few years. The stress is crazy, its ALWAYS busy. Im always worried about messing up an order, having customers or managers upset with my performance, and to make it worse i’m very shy.
    Work is always on my mind, and i never want to do it. Maybe finding a job less stressful would be easier, but with the economy its really hard to find a new job. I’ve tried.

  5. i’m absolutly sure i have this!!! I work mon-fri… each sunday night i cant sleep i cry all night because i’m scared of going to work the next day. Mondays are the worst. I don’t function at all on mondays. I usually end up hiding in a corner crying because i’m so scared and stressed. they have lowered my responsibility level to almost 0. each email i recieve is a little package of stress. each time the phone rings i tense up and my gut wrenches. i get a tension headache by lunch and I havent even done anything. all this because 2 years ago my supervisor piled too much work on me (i was an A+ performer at the time) and i had a nervous breakdown.

  6. Hi
    I’m not sure if my partner has this or not…
    In the past 3 years he has had 3 different employers. He is fine at first, but then he just can’t go. Calls in sick for stupid reasons, taking 3-4 days off at a time for a stomach bug.
    At the moment he is stressed, says he has pain in his chest about the thought of work. He is not thinking clear and being irrational. But it lasts for a couple of months, he changes jobs and is fine… But then it starts all over again. I find it really hard to deal with as I love work… I get mad at him because he has a family to support and think he should just get his act together. What should we do??

  7. I have not been able to work for 10yrs. give or take. I have been diagnosed with severe depression agorophobia with panic attacks and have been prescribed paxil.. prior to my inability to work I chopprd off a part of my thumb ,and after returning to work I was fired even though I was still able to perfom my job. Two jobs later .i was also fired for not being able to do my job.{this also had nothing to do with the previous injuy}. After reading this article Iam somewhat convinced that Isuffer from ergophobia. Should Itell my therepist my concerns?

  8. I am certain that i have this. i am 27 and have never been able to hold down a job longer than 6 months at best. I have had some really good opportunities with good pay and company car etc but I just hated the way it made me feel. I was so worried and anxious all the time. I have even pretended to my family that I was going to work but then just go and drive somewhere for the day and I have done this many times. Since I left school I have had very long gaps without working and even now I haven’t worked for 6 months straight. I have been offered jobs and turned them down but lied to my family and told them that I didn’t get the job. I am a very confident, outgoing person and I love meeting people and I am very loud and not afraid to talk to people, I am not reserved in any way what so ever. I have to go without nice things because of my fear of work that has only got worse over years. I am glad I have found this site as now I can try and get help, and I am thinking hypnosis.

  9. I don’t get anxious about my school work but the title Ergophobia attracted me as it reminds me of my fear of ergometer at training. I don’t know if this has any thing to do with the subject but I do feel anxious and nervous before Erging.. also i suffer from Heart Palpitations, however i don’t feel like this in water when I am rowing.. it is just the Ergometer.. i wish they never invented it

  10. Hi,I have exactly the same problem,please,could we talk?Maybe we can give each other some advice,help each other somehow,I am givin up everythin,I dont know how to live and deal with this anymore but I dont want pills,I had nervous breakdown 1.5yr ago,panic attack at work and had to stay at home for weeks,since then its hell on earth:( Ewe

  11. I’m 26 and am dealing with a similar situation. I was laid off twice over a period of four months. Since June 2009, I have been applying for jobs. So far, I have been offered three and accepted each only to decline at the last minute. It makes me feel like such a failure to let this fear and anxiety win. I see a therapist, acupuncturist, and psychiatrist but I feel like I’m getting worse. The last job offer was the best by far and I hate myself for not taking it. I feel like if I get past the first week, I’ll be fine. But the thought of the first DAY gives me the start of a panic attack.

    Just wanted to share my story. I see you posted in February. I sincerely hope things have improved. Here’s a link to my blog, too:


  12. I’m almost certain I have this. When I was very young I had a kind of school phobia but got over it after a while. Then I went to work for a supermarket and the moment I walked through the door on my first day it all started. Feeling sick upset stomach, excruciating anxiety in my chest. After trying to struggle through for several unbearable days I had to quit and I’ve never been able to try again because as soon as an application looks successful I get so terrified I can barely function anymore. I want to be able to work like everyone else, but every time I try I go through such an awful time I just feel more isolated and unable.

  13. I’m sure I’ve got this too. I’m 26 and only ever had one job that I quit shortly after. I’ve spent the past several years studying and kept telling myself that I can’t work and study at the same time but since time is running out I’m scared of ending up jobless at 30 so now I’ve started volunteering in an office that offers bureaucratic help for people in trouble with the authorities. At first I felt anxiety just from sitting next to the woman who was training me and having to look people who’d come in in the eye and later of messing up… but it’s getting better. What makes it a lot easier is that I’m not getting paid so I know no one will scream at me even if I screw up… it may sound stupid but the idea of getting paid makes me feel like I’d be totally at somebody’s mercy and that he/she might pretty much abuse me for it.
    My Mom raised me single handedly and always had to have 2 jobs she hated. The tiny bit of time she was home she’d either be screaming at me out of sheer stress or in her room literally crying because of her awful jobs… She even tried to kill herself at one point (that was debt related but I didn’t realize that at the time) so yeah… I think that counts for work related trauma…

  14. I’m pretty sure I have this and my therapist agrees but I haven’t been officially diagnosed yet. I haven’t worked since the summer of 2004. I went to university since then and graduated in May 2009.

    After I graduated, I haven’t even tried looking for work because I am terrified. I’m scared of being rejected, getting the job but just being plain incompetent at it, not having a way to get to work (I don’t have a car), getting a crappy job that can’t support me, and all sorts of other things. When I read an ad for a job I get a panic attack looking at the qualifications, the duties, and how thorough the application process might be. I’m 26 and don’t have any real work experience out of fast food. I’m afraid now that I’ve been out of work for too long and am too inexperienced to ever have a good job and end up dying poor.

  15. wow just reading everyones stories made me see im not the only person feeling this way :( im 22 and i beleive i have ergophobia….every job iv had i freak out i hav panic attacks….i can see im being silly but i just cnt help how im feeling…i dont no y im feeling it or wot as has corsed this….i was like this at school aswell my mum had to get the principle out to make me go to school….after a while i got over it but then i changed schools n it wuld start agan i when to 5 or 6 different schools….mayb my fear of school has sumthn to do with my fear of work…i also just found out im 6 weeeks preg n i feel so useless that i cnt even get enuff courage to go to work to get money for my unborn baby :””( my mum yellls at me the babys father yells at me, ppl call me a bludger just makes me feel a whole lot worse because i no im not a bludger i no i want to work but i just cnt….n i dont want to lose this baby due to stress :(

  16. I am 29 years of age, and I’m most certain I have this….
    For years now I’ve been depressed, on medication to help but unfortunately it hasn’t worked or helped!!
    When I’m out with friends U could be having a good night and when work pops into my head I feel very uneasy, switch off and just want to go home… Heavy feeling on my chest…. For years this has been the case…. A Sunday night Im very, very anxious with the thought if being in work!! I put it down to caring so much about work that I don’t want to let people down… So I worry alot and I’m always uneasy/uncomfortable!!
    Would anyone be interested to chat, maybe help each other…??

  17. I’m 31 and I’ve had around 20 jobs, only one for longer than 3.5 months. That was the hardest ten months of my life. Sometimes I have a panic attack just before it’s time to leave for work and just stand there shaking. I break out of it and have to run to work not to be late. I work ten hours a week or so off the clock just so I can relieve the performance anxiety during the shift. Supervisors often promote me, even in the first or second month of employment, because I work myself raw to make sure I do a good enough job. I have more severe insomnia than anything I’ve ever heard of. Sometimes life will be a blur for a couple of days and I’ll come out of it having forgotten basic job skills, along with a lot of the rest of my life. It’s not like I have insurance; will a sliding scale counselor know what this is, of just think I’m lazy?

  18. A good therapist will help you overcome your fears and won’t think you lazy. If that happens, I’d recommend finding a new therapist. Good luck to you.

  19. OMG i am the only one i am just like this and married for 6 years. during school days i used to lie to my mom that i have holidays and going to school used to be my biggest fear
    at work i managed and with a lot of courage maybe because the job was v easy but still i had dependability issues. still i kept getting promoted because i am over all good at my skills and meeting timelines. but they r never without panics and anxiety these days i am at my worst i am taking 10 5, 3mg lexotinals everyday to keep myself calm. i am severe insomnia issue since a long time. have had lost some good jobs due to my absenteeism. I feel horrible. My wife works and I stay locked in home and hide in my bed talking to myself that I have saved myself from all the evil world.
    When I am at work I don’t face problems but mentally I get v tired due to multi tasking.
    i am 34 today i shared this article with my wife and i am in literally in tears for so so many years i have been in so much pain and loneliness.
    these days i am unwell also i have a permanent sinusitis issue also and have 3 stones in my kidney i have attempted suicide seriously more than twice.
    was raised in a single family set up.
    i knew my anxiety so i have been taking relaxants myself i wonder if a therapist will actually b able to help me.
    i am scared v worried and feeling like having no interest in life.
    even a smallest of failure of mishap makes me quit the world. i am so like this.

  20. I have been suffering from this for 10 years. I am actually starting a new job today and I’m terrified, to be honest. I have been a stay at home father for almost five years and the kids are in school now, my wife made me get a job. Its within a field that I love though, veterinary medicine as a technician. I am biting the bullet, although I wish I could just crawl into a hole and hide from everything and everyone. My stomach is gurning and I am losing motivation.

  21. I think i may have this also. I have suffered from anxiety since i was a teenager, and i worked as a teacher for 4 years but found it so stressful, i was relieved when i had children and found something i’m actually good at, but i tried to go back, but just panicked. Recently i got a job as a carer, but after one week, jacked it in, it was too much. I so want to work and i feel a failure because my husband supports the family so well and it makes me feel guilty. I do voluntary work which helps a little, but i just feel like i’m biding my time. Some days the anxiety gets so bad, i don’t want to carry on, but i feel i have to for the sake of my children.

  22. Just reading this makes my anxiety level go through the roof, This is me, I feel like I am dying inside at the thought of a job, I even apply for them knowing I am not even going to last a week. I call in six make up excuses and I just can’ do it, Same with school, Anxiety is killing me!

  23. It’s so interesting reading of other people’s experiences with this terribly debilitating phobia. I looked up this topic because I am back at work tomorrow after some time off, and I feel nauseous and panicked. I never sleep well the night before returning to work. I have just turned 29 and have come a long way since my teens, when my father became an abusive alcoholic and I spiralled into an incredibly dark personal abyss. I feel I arrived at adulthood without the vital coping skills to lead a healthy, happy life. I have progressed dramatically (built a house with partner of almost 10 years, holding a decent office job for 5 years after gaining a degree) but still the traces remain – I am easily anxious, avoid challenging situations at all costs, drink well over a bottle of wine each night to be calm and ok about another working day tomorrow. Another day where I must meet my responsibilities, despite the urge to hide. Go easy on yourself when you are stressed, and in the meantime develop your rational thinking skills (the internet is an incredible resource) and see if there is a way, any way, in which you can do something you love, perhaps eventually for a living. I have artists’ paper and pastels waiting for me on the kitchen table, even though I haven’t illustrated in so long. Small steps.

  24. Hi im glad im not the only one experiencing this.

    For me its beens like you guys, im male, 27 and had about 9 jobs since leaving school at 16, im in the UK. Each one has only lasted on average a few months and because of this i am still living with my parents and feel a complete failure to the point suicide is becoming more and more favourable. Whenever i start work i always get nervous, feel a sense of doom, feel like everyone around is judging me and staring at me and feel as though im trapped. Whenever i work as well i cannot eat at all i end up living on maybe a bit of bread a day and also i cannot sleep at all through worrying going through my head. I’m also very skinny and very self concious and when i work i feel everyone just staring at me and because i cannot eat when working i get skinnier and skinnier till i just cant hold back tears anymore and cry. I dont feel like a worthwhile man or a worthwhile human being. I have considered cutting off my legs so i do not have to work to avoid these issues. I know it sounds stupid and ridiculous but i cannot help it.

  25. I am so relieved to find this board. I have never been able to hold a job for longer than three months. I get bored or I feel trapped…I tell myself that I’m cooler than this job or whatever, but I haven’t worked now in ten years or so. (I’m on disability now for another health condition.) I too am outgoing and love meeting people and such but I just can’t seem to hold a job and I gave up years ago, but recently I’ve come across a job I really want and the fears have surfaced that even if I get the job (which seems very likely) that I won’t have what it takes to keep it. I am proud of all of you for sharing about this…it’s a difficult thing to have to say “I’m afraid of work” because people just think you’re lazy. I’m not lazy. Just afraid of “buckling down” which is what my dad says.

  26. Its comforting to know there are people like me. I havent worked for 4 years now and its made me feel so worthless and i feel like im letting my kids down.
    I used to be ok with the interview stage, then if i got the job i would be too scared to start in case i failed at the job, come across as stupid etc.Ive turned down some really good opportunities.
    Now its got to the stage where i apply for jobs and am offered an interview then cancel the day before. Im even too scared to go to interviews now. Its a waste of time applying.
    Ive actually got one tomorrow and i know im going to cancel.
    Its making me feel so low.

  27. I have always found it really hard to hold down a job. Im not sure weather or not i have this phobia but i certainly have a few of the symptoms listed. Im usually ok to start but then i start to feel trapped and the anxiety kicks in i find it really hard to just be there and feel really uncomfortable and awkward, it seems this is getting worse as i get older for some reason. I dream of a life where i can just be free and not have to worry about these issues. Ive been in my job now for ten months and just dont know how much longer i can stand it.

  28. I also have suffered from this fear and wanted to share my experiences to perhaps give some of you hope:

    I have suffered from severe major depression since I was 11 which has crippled me socially in many ways, including work. Throughout childhood, I also experienced a debilitating fear of going to school. The fear was so bad at one point that I was debating staying in the mental hospital in favor of going back to high school (thankfully, I mustered the courage to return and receive my diploma with honors).

    I\’ve had a series of jobs over the past several years, many of which I\’ve been terrified to go to on a daily basis. I developed stress vomiting leaving everyone thinking I was bulemic. I also developed severe IBS just because the thought of work was that terrifying. Though I was never fired for my malingering, I am sure I missed out on several promotions–and in one situation just quit one day after a nervous breakdown at work (which was humiliating).

    After years of suffering, calling out because of the fear, and generally missing out on life, I feel as though I\’m finally overcoming my situation. I\’m taking my medication (Wellbutrin) every day, and I recently got a wonderful job in a very relaxed environment with no intention of quitting. I only called out once due to my fear/depression, but have experienced no urges to do so again. So far, I\’ve identified a few key differences about this job:

    - It allows me to have a degree of independence
    - I work in a house
    - My boss is very kind
    - We work in a two-person environment

    I will definitely say that my fear has been worst in a corporate environment, so my advice to those who are suffering would be to try and get yourself out of there, if you can. Working in a small business environment has definitely made the situation better for me.

  29. Im 20 years old and im pretty sure i have this. Ive never had a job but i did work placement via college and got nervous and panicked a lot whilst there so i quit. My tutor then decided to have a go at me and i suffered from a nervous breakdown. Now im paralized with fear at the mear mention of work, i have the job center on my ass to get me to return to work causing more undue stress and i suffer from chronic depression. Its nice to know im not the only sufferer of this phobia, just wish i had people close to me that could understand

  30. situation is a little different..when i was small i had a fear of going to school..but other than that i was a very happy kid and had a good sense of humor throughout my school..then one night before an exam i was studying very hard..was in a very stressed..then suddenly i had a panic attack…i thought i won’t be able to study any further and would fail miserably..i was not able to concentrate..i though that i cannot concentrate and that won’t allow me to finish my syllabus…it was a new experience for me..panic disorder that is…fear of failure..fear of not able to concentrate..fear of studying…i went into a kind of depression even though i passed all my exams well..just after the exams finished..i went into a kind of depression…and i had to take helped to some extent but after some time i decided to continued fine but i was having problems and soon i was back in helped a little and again i left 2 years have gone by…i am in a colege right now but i think my fear of work has only worsen..i got poor grades simply cause i never studied anytime simply because my mind would be stressed at the thought of the work..i would get panic attacks..severe negative thoughts..uncontrollable emotions…whenever i would try to sit and study i would feel like a prisoner….i would do anything to avoid it..escapism..due to this my 2 years went fine but i think i suffered from depression =..maybe a minor one..maybe only at the time when i opened a academic book..worried about my future taht i would flunk my exams..i would fail in exams…fail in life…i developed some strange fears just to keep me away from books…a certain music would come to my head or maybe just any sound i would concentrate on so that it would lapse my brain would try to divert my that i can escape the situation..other than this surprisingly i am very popular person..i have lots od friends..i have a very good sense of humor..i consider myself intelligent too..i say i am a very normal person in day to day life but when it comes to studying..i become abnormal…now i guess i suffer from ocd,or maybe a minor depression i don’t know which all got triggered by my fear of studying i guess…i am lost and soon as i get some confidence..the negatives thoughts come again and i am forced back to move forward…what should i do?..i don’t think of killing myself or other stuffs cause i say it again i am a fairly normal person..its just that i just want to escape from my work..and i remain depressed due to seems hell…

  31. Seriously people? What ever happened to coping skills? I am so tired of hearing about \”anxiety\”. A certain amount of social awkwardness is Normal. We are all expected to endure the human condition. It has it\’s highs and lows. Most people do not need to resort to pull popping to get through the day to day mishaps of life. I hear patients complain about anxiety which is only their realization that thy have made bad choices. The jailhouse inmate for example who complains of anxiety. He should be anxious he is in jail. I want him to be anxious.

    Now we have anxiety over work??? Just another way for people to get on disability. I wonder if the down syndrome Walmart greeter is anxious when he goes to work

  32. I didn’t even know until I read this board that there was a such thing as a phobia of work. I have always been a very hard worker who was always willing to work extra shifts. Just last year I landed my dream job, one that I’ve been waiting a long time for. I was so happy, I felt so accomplished. I was really stressed out at first, I thought maybe because it’s a new job and there is so much to learn. Eventually I went to my doctor and took some anxiety medication and seemed to do ok for a while. I stopped taking the medication because it made me itch but I still did fine.

    My job is very demanding and stressful and I find myself shaking sometimes. I feel like I’m having a panic attack like I’m going to pass out. Just like most on this board, I don’t even enjoy my weekends because all I can think about is going back to work and how I don’t want to go back. I manage to relax a little the first night because I know I have two more, but then once Saturday hits I start getting anxious. If I have a vacation planned all I can think about is how the following week will be my last week and even though the first couple of days are enjoyable, the rest of my vacation is spent worrying about all that I have to deal with when I go back to work.

    I feel really bad because I feel like I just want to quit and stay home with the kids which would mean that my husband would be supporting the entire family. I’ve never been the type of person to ever want that, I’ve always been independent. I don’t want to feel like a failure, I don’t want to put everything on him, I don’t want to go through all that I’ve gone through over the years in school and work to get my dream job to just leave it because I have this phobia. I don’t know what to do.

    I just got back to work yesterday because of a surgery, I was out two weeks. I couldn’t sleep Sunday night, I’ve been doing nothing but stressing the entire time I’ve been back and I’ve only done the bare minnimum to get by and in this job, if you do the bare minnimum it shows.

    I’m going to try and see my doctor soon and maybe he can prescribe something but I honestly feel that the only thing that will help is just quitting and staying home with the kids.

  33. @Michelle:

    I honestly didn’t know where to begin with in regards to your post. Either you’re a distasteful troll or jumping to conclusions and thus, significantly ignorant. Ergophobia is often a subset of larger social anxiety issues but this is not always the case. You are confusing natural apprehension and mild/moderate nerves with irrational fears or in other words, phobias. In my case, I would say this ergophobia is very much on its own and not linked to any other types of social anxiety; as an example, my friends consider me to be an intelligent and funny person (within a variety of social settings) and I am much more comfortable with the idea of approaching a woman to ask her out on a date than the notion of CVs, job interviews, references, work targets, etc. etc.

    I struggled for a long time to figure out what was wrong with me. Yes, I suffer from some mild to moderate depression (of the atypical type I do believe) but then that could be a natural reaction to a succession of major mishaps that I’ve battled through. However, I knew something was wrong but I couldn’t find a name for it until I came across this word, Ergophobia. I knew it, I was aware of it, I knew it sounded stupid and perhaps I would be seen as a lazy so-and-so coming up with excuses to not work but really, that’s quite far from the truth. I would love nothing more than to get past this barrier that stops me from moving forwards with my life and carving out my own future. I am aware of this all and I know it is an irrational fear that I have. People with other phobias are often aware that they have this fear that goes against the human norm, so to speak. Ergophobia is no less of a serious condition as some of the many other debilitating fears out there; the same patterns and symptoms are present. But of course, because work (or the lack of it) involves money, you immediately assume that a vast horde of Ergophobics are going to leach the nation’s coffers dry. If our economy were to be built on pet shops I’m sure you’d give the arachnophobes a similar response. Do not assume that because we have a strange reason for not working we are all automatically dishonorable and lazy. As for pitching a mental condition against a disability…. well, you’d make a fine suicide negotiator.

    You know, maybe after a few days you’d get a better idea of what Ergophobia actually feels like. Excuse me for falling foul of the black humour.

  34. I have this. It’s real. It started in school and I hope I can get rid of it. Michelle: you’re just terrible. Troll somewhere else you c.

  35. hi kaza ,,,yes you are right ,,i think i have also egorphobia,,i have been suffering this situation for 3 years and dont find solution, Might be you get rid of this situation.

  36. Wow I can really relate to what you are going through….let me know if anything works

  37. I figured I would just go and look something up about the fear of working…. And this is definitely me. I get sick to my stomach every time the subject comes up. I’m almost 20 and I’m a shut in. I don’t like going out in the world and I have a major social anxiety. I feel so bad that my husband is the only one working to support us. He says he doesn’t mind, but I always have doubts… It really sucks… =/

  38. Now I know what I suffer from, problem is how to deal with it. I just began a new job after being a stay at home mom for years. I have been thrown into the deep end with barely any training and I feel like quitting. I can’t enjoy days off because I am sick with fear of the next shift.

    To Michelle, you are the type of person who is cold, insensitive and the reason why there is stigma against people with mental issues. I wish I was as perfect as you, not! You say you “hear patients….”. I sure hope you are not in the health care field as you are one of the dangerous “health care professionals” that leave people with mental issues feeling worse about themselves when they leave trying to seek treatment instead of better. Get out of the health care profession you cold-hearted snake!

  39. Now I know what I suffer from, problem is how to deal with it. I just began a new job after being a stay at home mom for years. I have been thrown into the deep end with barely any training and I feel like quitting. I can’t enjoy days off because I am sick with fear of the next shift.

    To Michelle, you are the type of person who is cold, insensitive and the reason why there is stigma against people with mental issues. I wish I was as perfect as you, not! You say you “hear patients….”. I sure hope you are not in the health care field as you are one of the dangerous “health care professionals” that leave people with mental issues feeling worse about themselves when they leave trying to seek treatment instead of better. Get out of the health care profession you cold-hearted snake!

  40. I do believe I might have this fear. I have never held a job in my life and I am 23. I have a hard time LOOKING for jobs. I keep telling myself that it is no big deal but it\’s very difficult for me. I do have good support from family and whatnot, it does help to know that I am not alone. I know that I need to make money. It\’s just so hard for me. I need to overcome this fear and grow up. It\’s a little too far into my life. I need to act now.

  41. I can sure relate to what is being said. Some of it has to do with being pushed my my father. He’s dead now but I still can’t shake it.

  42. I’m not sure if I have this. To be honest I graduated high school 2 years ago and since then, I’ve held about 5 or 6 jobs that lasted no longer than a week. I don’t have a social problem, I tend to be shy at times though. But I socialize really well. The thing is that I hate being trained at a job since there is so much information. I feel as though I am not capable of learning so many things in a given time. That is what mainly drives me to quit. I would think I’d be the same way with school but I’m not. I actually enjoy school and learning things but when I’m at a job, I freeze and get really nervous. I end up going home after the first day and realizing all those things that I don’t know that I’d have to learn and I quit the next day. Do I have ergophobia or not?

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