Fear of Getting Hurt? Keep Moving on

"Love is sweet"- no one will ever deny this passage yet the science equipped with an opposite theory strongly affirms every pain in each joy it gets.

Not just very few people exeperienced a hurtful situation whenever they started to love. It is an acceptance that  would somehow compare to a joke of destiny. There are others who even acquire the pain in each of his/her try of getting close to others.

It is not a joke when a person was trapped in the web of every pain he felt.  There are trauma, fears, and profound sadness he gets in each step of failures. Sometimes, their phobia of experiencing hurts directs their path of decision in choosing not to love for another chance. Their hearts closed and they locked it with their phobia so that it wont open again.

The effect will lead that person to an inability of coping with the grief and sadness that can be percieved a negative sign of individual’s general health, and because he cannot fight the emotional pain sensation, he will become unproductive and sprouts an amount of nothing. A person’s life includes being loved and loving someone.

Whatever pain we felt from love, always remember that no other thing beats the happiness it led us. This has been also considered to be the most powerful form of energy on earth because it can complete the life of a person and serves as a direction to get great and wonderful things of life. So, is this an apporpriate reason to close one’s self just to protect the heart?

The choice depends on the person if he/she  decides to be alone in the sense of being single. But if the reason was rooted with fear or anger, then it is not appropriate to judge them of being unhealthy for he/she  controls self to wonderful things of life.

If you fear that you will be hurt, does that not mean you still didn’t move on from the bitter taste of life? That you still haven’t cured yourself? That you are still living with the past?

If we still hold our lives on from the past, how shall we face the present and future situation with right and strengthened life?

It is natural when we are hurt so we need to cope up with every life’s situation being threwn to us.If we think that we are just like ducks in every side, we cannot state of saying we are really living. We need to accept that everyone is not exempted to taste the bitterness of life. This is a phase in preparation for many people to battle it and convert to sweet life.

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  1. Very nice lovely write.

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  3. very nice article. thanks for sharing =)

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  5. Very good advice. :)

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  7. not as easy as it sounds

  8. it is said that life is full of pains. I liked your thought dude.

  9. Getting hurt is a part of our lives, and it must be embraced truthfully.

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