Feel Good Hormones

Health benefits of laughter and feeling good about yourself.

people around the world who take part  in drug abuse do so most of the time because they need to feel good, ease stress  and the numbness and paralysing pressures that they have to deal with in their daily lives. in the long run, these drugs are destructive both to the physical and mental health of its users. knowing that the body has the ability to produce its own feel good hormones that can be both protective and health promoting, is a great achievement.

the body has an ability to protect and heal itself. this done by what we call endorphins. these endorphins are narcotic like substances which helps the body control feelings of pain and discomfort. they also promote healing, strengthening of the imune system and produce wonderfull feelings of well being.

it is therefore important for us to try and increase the level of endorphins in our  bodies by maintaining a very positive attitude to life and also solving conflicts, banishing hatred and resentment, cultivating good habits and leading a lifestyle of generousity, proper planning and organisation of your life and activities, daily active  exercise, getting enough rest and sleep and getting rid of unnecessary worries and junk in your life. hopefully, you may live longer.

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