Feeling Lazy, Worthless, and Useless

I’m feeling all three.

Whats wrong with me…. I might have a small case of depression which is normal in a teenager. But then again most people who are depressed don’t feel like doing anything. I’m the opposite. I want to do something, but am not doing anything of value. Not doing anything is making me depressed. I’m home all day on the computer trying to occupy my time but end up being bored. I don’t have many GOOD friends, therefore finding a random acquaintance to spend time with would take a lot of courage, courage which I do not have. I know the lack of courage is also causing these hints of depression. I can’t help but feel as if time is ticking away. I feel so worthless. I think I’m sitting away my youth! Ugh this feeling really sucks. Right now I’m admitting I have a problem, but I have no idea what i can do to feel happy again. I need a hobby, but judging as I’m only a teen and have no money, hobbies are limited. I can’t even think of a hobby right now that would spice up my mood. Please help me out. 

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  1. Do you get along with your parents? If you do, you chat wth one of them. Go out with them when they go to the supermarket. It will get you out of the house for awhile.
    Play games on your computer, make goals of how many articles you are going to write each month then research the article and write it.
    I used to suffer depression that I am on three antidepressants, but I also take a lot of anxiety medications. I can sort of understand how you feel. It’s a normal teen age feeling.
    I’ll tell you a secret, I am unsatisfied because I am looking for myself and cannot find myself. It is a thing of the 60s and 70s. You probably don’t understand, but I can tell you it is an awful feeling. Feel free to write my inbox if you want to talk, i always have an ear open!

  2. Depression is the killer for many but I say living with passion is best well written.

  3. nice sharing

  4. I feel you man. Go climb a tree in your backyard

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