Finally Get Rid of Your Panic and Anxiety Attacks Once and for All Part Four

Finally Get Rid of Your Panic and Anxiety Attacks Once and For All Part four.

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Let’s say I told you the secret to ending your anxiety episodes is to want to have one. That seems strange doesn’t it? Maybe even a bit crazy and actually somewhat contradictory, however give me a minute to clarify.

The secret to ending anxiety attacks is actually attempting to have one, it’s the actual wanting that forces it away. Are you able to have an anxiety attack right this very minute? No you’re not!

Have you ever heard of the old saying that “what you resist, persists.” That statement applies perfectly when it comes to fear.  Should you resist a situation out of fear; the fear around that issue will persist.

So how do you stop resisting?  You move straight into it, right into the path of the anxiety, and by doing this it cannot persist.

In essence what this means is if you try daily to have a panic attack, you can’t have one.  Try right now to have a panic attack and I guarantee you cannot. You might not understand it but you have always decided to have a panic attack. You made this choice by saying the situation you are in is beyond your control.

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Another way to appreciate this is to equate having a panic attack like standing on the edge of a cliff. The anxiety will seem to push you closer to falling over the edge.

To get rid of the worry you will have to metaphorically leap over that edge. You must jump from the high cliff edge and into the anxiousness and anxiety and all sorts of things that you fear most of the time.

And how can you jump over the edge? You do this by wanting to have an anxiety attack. You go about your entire day asking for anxiety and panic attacks to come your way, to appear before you to step in front of you and challenge you.

You should also feel totally secure in knowing that a panic attack will never and can never hurt you. And that my friend is a medical fact. The sensations and feeling you have might make you feel a bit out of control but absolutely no harm what so ever will ever come to you.

Your heart might be feeling as though it is trying to beat its way out of your chest and you might be sweating like crazy and even feel as though you’re having trouble breathing however you will be ok and you won’t be harmed in any way.

So that jump from the cliffs edge becomes nothing more than a small little drop! And you will find that you are perfectly safe once you take that leap.

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