Find Your Inner Zen and Start Living a Life with Purpose

Use the Z Factor Formula to tap into your own inner guidance, which will lead you on a road of complete bliss and fullfilment.

What do you like?

How does your perfect world look?

What would you do for free every single day?

What answers do you seek?

What do you want to know more about?

Let your feelings guide your mind

As you deepen into the feelings that arise, identify what it is that you want.

Breathe in and feel the feeling

Breathe out and find your clarity

Now it’s time for the “how to” of The Formula

Motivation – You have to want it, be passionate about it and act on it. You will never become what you want to become until you want it bad enough and make the commitment to change. What is it going to take for you to move on with your life? How bad does it have to get before you get serious about making a change? Don’t wait until you get bored, or life gets too painful. Make the choice today that you want to change, commit to making the change, and then ACT.

A few little statistics. The world is full of motivational speakers and writers; we have an endless supply of self-improvement material. We buy the material, we consider following the advice, however the facts say that only 3% per cent of people actually do something with the information that they have been provided with.

The first big hurdle is being motivated enough to implement change, you have to want it in order to change. Ironically we prefer to read about success stories of others but never actually do the work ourselves.  It’s all nice and inspiring to read about the change rather than do the change. You can do all the dreaming, wishing, and wanting that you want, but the hard reality of the truth is that you need to get up and do something…

So don’t be just another statistic, instead choose to be the change.

Mantra – After becoming clear on what it is that you want, you then need to write your own mantra, this is the mantra that you will use for thirty days. A mantra is a personal action sentence which is one or two lines. Mantras and affirmations are a written declaration of what has already been manifested or created in your life (similar to pretending it is already here).

 This personal mantra or affirmation will consciously retell your story, so for it to work it must be positive. This is one small step towards rethinking and reprogramming your current negative and self-limiting beliefs. Your mantra must be repeated daily either quietly or aloud. It’s a good idea to write down your mantra and stick it around your house, write it on your bathroom mirror with lipstick, keep a note in your car or save it in your phone. You want to see this mantra as much as possible. Overtime your thoughts will change, hence changing your reality. If it is an answer to a question that you seek then your mantra could be something like “As I search within, I am guided by my own inner light and voice, I receive Divine Wisdom, Understanding, and Direction in all areas of my life.” If it is new love that you seek your mantra could be “I am in a happy and fulfilling relationship with my perfect soul mate.” If it is more money that you want “All the money I need and desire is flowing into my life right now”

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