Find Your Inner Zen and Start Living a Life with Purpose

Use the Z Factor Formula to tap into your own inner guidance, which will lead you on a road of complete bliss and fullfilment.

Meditation – Time to get your Om on and meditate on your mantra. If the thought of meditating conjures up the thought of a pot-bellied Buddha, incense, and an eccentric hippie wearing tie dye, then drop that thought now. Create a new vision. Meditation is the new “Jimmy Choo” and it is a ritual within any modern Zen girl’s day.

Meditate and you will discover, over-think and over-analyse and you will never find. This is the chance to quieten your mind and listen to the whispers of your soul. This is where you connect with yourself and everything around you. This is the perfect time to ask questions and send intents into the universe. If you’re new to meditation, practice this simple breathing meditation below.

Find a quiet space and sit in a comfortable cross legged position, focus your awareness on your breathe, making sure you breathe consciously, simply and slowly.

Let the breath go in and then let the breath go out.

Repeat this five or six times.

Clear all thoughts in your busy monkey mind.

Then with your next breathe,

Gently breathe in as you think your mantra

Then gently breathe out

Don’t worry if your mind wanders, just let it be.

Now slowly bring your attention back to your breathe and to your mantra.

As you breathe in focus your awareness on your mantra

Let the breathe fill you with love and light

And with the exhale let the wisdom and serenity fall all over you.

Repeat for 5-10 minutes.

Mindfulness – To make this work you need to practice mindfulness and intent as much as you can. Mindfulness is about being completely in touch with the present moment and being open to experiences as they come and go. Practicing mindfulness is hard work, it requires you to not obsess about your past experiences or indulge and escape into future tripping. It is solely just being in the moment, with no judgement and with no labelling of experiences as good or bad – it’s simply experiencing the moment for what it is.

When you are reading this line, be aware that you are reading this line, including its meaning and significance. Don’t let your mind be thinking of a hundred other things, just be in the moment and absorb the meaning of this line that you are reading right now.

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