Find Your Inner Zen and Start Living a Life with Purpose

Use the Z Factor Formula to tap into your own inner guidance, which will lead you on a road of complete bliss and fullfilment.

It’s not about future tripping and wishing I was somewhere else; it’s about mindfully choosing my thoughts and habits whilst embracing the moment.

As you go about your day, try to find as many opportunities as you can to practice mindfulness. The more you practice, the easier it will become, and expect your mind to wander! Practice kindness and patience with yourself and when this happens, gently return your awareness to your breath and to the moment.

Merit - Create the karmic merit. Give out what you want to receive and treat others how you would like to be treated. It’s as simple as that. Make it your daily ritual to give back to the universe; it can be through planting a tree, recycling, and sending kind thoughts to people, giving to a charity or maybe a random act of kindness. Get in the habit of sending love and light to several people a day, especially people that challenge you. When you meet people during your day, imagine a pink light surrounding them and then in your mind wish them love, health and happiness. It should take about five seconds to wish them well. You can also send love and healing to people that are away from you, just visualise them in your mind and repeat the above exercise.

Thirty Days – You need to practice this formula every day for thirty days to make a shift. It has been proven that all habits need to be practiced daily for 30 days before they become a natural response/habit. By doing this for thirty days you will create a natural thought pattern, a neuron network which will automatically make you think your mantra – it will become your new belief.

“You are what you repeatedly do. Excellence is not an event – it is a habit” – Aristotle

Manifestation – After thirty days, you should see a change in your life, opportunities should be coming your way. Manifestation is the external result of an internal intention; you become curious about the universal energy and start creating your desires through focused thoughts and intents.

Because you are now surrounding yourself and living in love and positivity, miracles will start to unfold. This is when books start dropping off shelves, and people start coming into your life. Opportunities come to you every day, and because you’re consciously aware, you can now see them and seize them. Miracles and answers surround you every day, some of the ways that they reach you are through your intuition, aha moments, the people that you meet, meditations, writing, yoga, spending time in nature and through the books that come to you. 

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