Five Simple Tricks Overcome Stress in Office

Working in the big city is easily affected by stress. This is because the pressure of work is larger and increasing competition. So what can we do for stress is not prolonged? Follow these tips.

Stress if left to prolonged would be very dangerous. Various diseases can be caused from conditions of stress experienced. High blood pressure, heart attacks, insomnia, depression, mental illness and even be the consequences if underestimating this condition.

Looking at the risks posed from stress, of course, from now on you have to really seriously consider this one issue. Therefore, eliminating or reducing the stress experienced would have to be your priority, which is in a state of pressure. Using experts will certainly spend a lot of money.

There are five simple tips that can help to cope with stress.

1. Breathing
You can imitate the pranayama techniques with pull a deep breath through your nose for four seconds, then hold approximately four seconds. After that, remove it slowly through the mouth. Repeat this step for one minute.

2. Body movement.
Stress is sometimes caused by a lack of suitable atmosphere or a stressful work environment. It makes you more easily pressure or stressed. Try standing with your arms stretched out and shake your head from side to side, and front and back slowly.

3. Smile or laugh.
Take your time to enjoy the things you love or think you are funny. It needs to be done to give your mood happy and excited. The smile that you do will automatically give a positive atmosphere and attitude.

You can read comics and watch the video about five minutes. This method is quite useful to restore the clarity of your mind.

4. Body lay for a moment.
Lay your body for a moment, followed with relaxing the ankle, knee, thigh, and other organs. After that put pressure on your face muscles by playing with your facial expression. If possible you can bask in the sun in the morning with a calm atmosphere.

5. Meditation.
Close your eyes and pull a deep breath. Imagine a red rose in front of you. Imagine roses began to form a complete leaf with a common color and shape you see. Feel the smell and the fragrance fills your body. Then slowly open your eyes to keep the roses are still living in your view just a few moments.

Hopefully these simple tips can help you out from the pressures of work or the fatigue of mind that makes you pressure or stressed. Good luck.

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