Four Most Common Eating Disorders

Consumption of food is essential not only to live, but to have a healthy body and mind.

However, some of these problems start and the brain, the first light of a wrong image that you have about yourself.

Bulimia nervosa

Bulimia nervosa is manifested by uncontrollable food cravings by eating it and eliminate after by causing vomiting. Vomit comes as a natural process caused by the fault of greed, and fear of weight gain. Usually, bulimia nervosa is applied to persons who are above the average normal weight or were overweight in the past, and now live in fear and guilt.


People with anorexia suffer rather a mental disorder. They have a totally distorted image about themselves and see fat, despite the fact they are underweight or are at risk of life and death because the body resists, their more difficult in the absence of essential nutrients.

Compulsive eating

People with this disorder simply can not control when it comes to food. If you see something you like, not only important that rose from the table and they ate a lot. People who binge eat may not abstain from food and tend to wake up from sleep to eat or to stop certain activities just for a snack.

Night eating syndrome

Although not a disorder as serious as those listed above, night eating syndrome may still cause some health problems. More specifically, if the person uses to awaken during the night to eat, not only will throw off all food program, but will begin to fill his lot.

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