Four Ways of Committing Suicide Painlessly

OK, I’m going to start off by saying that I’m not responsible for any deaths. If they were to happen painlessly because it was taken from this guide I have written then, it’s my win and your loss… Or the other way around, but that depends on how you look at it. Please don’t take this to serious.

Jump off a cliff or building:

Find one high enough and your good. Just jump! The only bad part is that when going down you might regret it… But as you go down you feel like your flying(kind of) and when you hit the ground you die in an instant.

Shoot Yourself:

Attain a gun and pull the trigger. Some people try to commit suicide by shooting themselves and fail. Unbelievable! How can you fail?! The best way is to hold the gun facing upward under you jaw and fire. This way it DESTROYS the brain and before you know it you’re dead. Well you wouldn’t really know it…

Carbon Monoxide:

YES! Close the windows and turn your gas burner on. Lie on your bed and you’ll go to sleep against your own will and never wake up. You only feel like you’re falling asleep. There’s nothing to it.. besides dieing.

Jump in front of a bullet train:

Yes a bullet train. This way you know it’s going fast enough to kill you instantly instead of dragging your half-dead body on the rails. You have to time this good though. Jump to early and they have time to slow down and jump too late and you look like an idiot.

Remember that killing yourself is a cowardly way of ending your life. Maybe your death will be painless but you’ll hurt you family or friends that care deeply about you. Have a great day!

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