Four Ways to Overcome Fear and Trauma

Here are four ways we can do to overcome fear and trauma. Hope it will be useful for you.

Trauma is often very disturbing our lives. It makes us overwhelmed by feelings of anxiety and fear because we have experienced trauma. How do we heal ourselves all sorts of trauma or negative issues? Here are how to treat trauma or negative issues :

1. You should be aware so you will not experience adverse events like you experienced in the past. remember, please be aware.

2. You should have a better understanding of something that you fear. You should learn more about you fear or learn about past negative events, and thinking how such case will not happen again in the future. Or it would be better if you find a way to overcome your fear.

3. You must be disassociated to change your beliefs so that you will open your mind more than before.

4. You must declare to yourself. This declaration will slowly disappear earlier trauma, such as “Now I know that I am a stronger person ….” (it’s up to you, choose positive words that make up your spirit) …”

That is how to overcome fear or trauma. Hope it will be useful for you.

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  1. good suggestions

  2. Being full of fear is not being well…

  3. very useful article

  4. This is an informative post. An important point you have mentioned here is opening up the mind. Yes, the road to fear is closed thoughts.

  5. Great article, thank you for sharing.

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  7. very good advice. After reading, my fear gone.

  8. I believe your advice is good.

  9. Fear can prevent us from doing the right things at the right moment. We have to cope with it effectively.

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  18. We must overcome fear, it’s just not healthy.

  19. Sound advice.

  20. Great advice. But remember some of us have fears but we also have anxiety that no amount of medicine that will not make us a zombie so we may tell ourself not to fear anything but we still cannot get rid of that fear.

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