Gambling Addiction

How to beat the monster in your head.

It is far too easy to get addicted to stuff. Anything and everything can be addictive in todays world. However the true enemy is not what you are addicted to, it is the voice in your head telling you it’s okay. It’s okay to bet one more time, it’s okay to deposit another £1000 – “we’re going to win big this time!”. There’s no harm in that…right? Wrong. It will not only empty your pockets; but it will also destroy your life, relationships with friends and family and overall happiness. You may be depressed and miserable and underachieve in other aspects of your life.

Think it’s too late? Too much damage has already been done? Wrong again! It is NEVER too late to fight back. Never too late to change your life. If you take positive actions, it can only get better. 

The next time the voice in your head asks you “one more time?” Argue back. Win desperation with cool logic. Open your eyes to what you’ve been missing, forget about the mistakes of the past and move on. t 

The other most powerful ally is to distract yourself. I find many bad habits are born out of boredom. This can be avoided by distracting yourself with better activities.

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