Gambling~ Can It be Dangerous?

Gambling casinos are everywhere, Las Vegas is known for big time paying casinos. Gambling is a very aggressive addiction that’s very easily to become addicted too. It can ruin your life, your family and everyone around you. Gambling, if not controlled, it can destroy your finances. Don’t be shocked if you think you can’t get addicted once started. You can easily get started by playing a game of chance for money. Gambling may start out as fun and later it will begin to grow on you. There are people who are addicted to gambling by going back forth to Las Vegas and other major cities for gambling, it’s like an addiction. Once you taste the highs of gambling, it is very diffult to stop after that.

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Not only casinos are addictive, there are lottery tickets, playing dice games and poker. Technology has helped gambling casinos for players to move to an on- line mode. Technology realized that the best way to play casinos is to sit in the comforts of their home and log into on-line casinos for gambling. Slot machines are also now in some convenient stores for gambling. I believe gambling is a dangerous addiction just like alcohol or drugs. These gambling occurrences lead gamblers into their compulsive state, craving for more money, luck or fortune. There are at least 4% of adults that are affected by gambling. They are also going to end up facing deep debts, job losses, family disruption such as divorce behind gambling. Sometimes compulsive gamblers do not realize that gambling cannot be a way of life, it’s a bad addiction.

In conclusion, don’t get caught up in the addiction of gambling. By advertising by law most casinos have to display the dangers of gambling posted. I found myself buying scratch off tickets all the time and kept going back for more. If the addiction is not treated , it can grow on you.

Warning! if you have a gambling addiction, there are many groups which support addicted gamblers. If you cannot stop gambling seek professional support.

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