Harnessing The Abilities and Strenghts of a Person with Specialist Abilities

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a world free of problems and errors and has an attention to detail?

Tonight I try to use my Apple Ipad which is the newest position. I have a go at using the speech recognition and find that it containts errors and is not totally error free. Also when I try to activate the speech text on it to try and write a post, I find that twice it has closed the window in Safari and I have to resort to my older Lenovo Computer to actually do the job! I wonder how much different it would be if persons on the Autism Spectrum would be able to do a better job if they were provided with the opportunity? Also I wonder how the world’s economy or economies would function if those of us who have a mindset for errors would be if we stepped in to get things done?

I don’t often express my political views. The way I see it is that governments have to keep out of business and allow for employment to be created. Welfare should only be available to people who really need it. Jobs should be provided for those who want to work. Money should not be totally in the hands of the greedy rich or the economically irresponsible. Budgets should be balanced properly and money spent on goods and services that actually deliver! I also see an important place as well for those of us on the Autism Spectrum. I hope in my lifetime that the negative stigams and unhelpful labels disappear and that Aspies can live with non Aspies free from any discrimination, bullying and unfairness etc. Perhaps just a dream?

In my own life I have a mind set for errors. Within a workplace if I see faulty equipment I like to report it. If things don’t function properly, I like to ensure that they can be improved, and to ensure output, I like to try and assist with it. So why is the Aspie mind so feared or avoided? It seems that non Aspies perhaps are fearful of the different means of communication from the non Aspies. Aspies in general may be good politicians but the means of getting there is not always so easy. An Aspie needs to navigate the social world which is not an easy process. People and their means of communication is not apparent. Rather than getting things fixed, an Aspie instead has to try and play games within a work environment or if successful which seems almost rare within the political process to get things done. To us this is a big time waster. We often see things literally and in our world as Aspies we cannot understand why non Aspies simply put up with inefficency and poor outcome. Imagine what it would be like if an Aspie was to balance the government’s budget or to improve the nation’s economy. Quite simply the challenge for us would be the election process and the political means as these are our weak points.

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