Health Habits: Keep Smiling Adversity

The news may be bad, but assistance may NEWSS

The economy got you down? You are not alone. Many people are struggling to do their job these days … or to find a job …

or keep your job. Add the other pieces of the diversity of the fight, a fight with a friend, divorce, death in the family,

etc., and can be difficult to maintain a positive attitude.

In June, announced the Association for Psychological Science the results of how negative thoughts can lead to depression.

Most people are able to fight through and “Get Over It”, but others will develop severe depression. For what purpose? Stuck

in bad thinking. They are able to divert their attention, even though they know better. To move forward with their problems,

negative thoughts and become full-fledged depression.

At the same time concludes a new report from the Heritage Foundation that the economic recovery has failed, in large part by

new legislation Obamacare. The new law creates significant uncertainty in the labor market: employers do not know what it

actually costs to employ people and provide them with government-issued health insurance, so you love. Companies are also

motivated by Obamacare stay small to avoid the stricter provisions of the Act.

Put it all together and it’s easy to get the blues these days!

To help you, concentrate first on your physical energy. People who are vital and energy are generally more able to fight the

negative thoughts. How is your health with daily habits? The five key habits are what I call NEWSS: nutrition, exercise,

water, sleep, and dietary supplements. If you were fired, took a job (by searching one that pays) for your personal vitality

in good shape. Start by cutting out the garbage / food from your diet and exercising every day. Get two liters of water each

day and eight hours of sleep each night. And take at least a good multi-nutrient supplement to conduct the scope of health.

In addition, while waiting for the next adventure payment, take steps to create some positive things in your life. Focus on

key relationships. Read books that you intended to read, especially that people can relate to job interviews. Take a new

project – writing a song or a story, create a work of art, evidence for a game – something to keep busy in a positive way.

And start a business! These days, you can get a real home business on a relatively small investment, and you can be your

ticket to a new life, free of charge.

You have negative thoughts – we all have our ups and downs. But do not dominate your life. The thoughts are yours, and not

vice versa. Remember that, and make sure they do not focus too much on the negative. Life is too short, and things will get


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