Holistic Health – The Five Dimensions of Health

Physical, spiritual, emotional, cognitive and social health.


The physical dimension of health refers to the functioning of the body and the things that relate to this, such as physical activity, good nutrition, fitness and absence of disease.


The spiritual dimension of health involves finding purpose and meaning to life. While it can include a belief in a higher being, it can simply mean having a sense of one’s self as part of a bigger picture and is closely related to one’s personal value system. It often involves finding a sense of inner peace or strength, a connection with nature, or optimism for the future.


The emotional dimension of health refers to a person’s capacity to cope, adjust and adapt to challenges and changes. It also includes a knowledge and acceptance of one’s feelings and emotions, the ability to manage stress in an appropriate manner, the ability to be resilient in tough times and having a well developed sense of self.


The cognitive, or intellectual, dimension of health includes being able to access, process and use knowledge to assist in decision making, reasoning, weighing up the consequences of actions, life planning and career development


The social dimension of health relates to one’s ability to interact with other individuals. It involves building healthy relationships, fostering a positive self-image, improving interpersonal social skills and accepting diversity. It includes one’s interactions with family, friends and the community.

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  1. Such a well structured and informative article on the five dimensions of health, all are on the mark. thanks for sharing. :)

  2. All these factors interact.

  3. Great information. Seems like I already knew this; however, thank you for reminding me!

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