I really find difficulty in life today. I’m unemployed & can’t find a job. I feel so hopeless yet I still being positive for I know that I need to. I don’t have lots of friends but a have few and real friends, but they are so busy and I can’t talk to anyone except for my boyfriend that have a lot of problems too. I have my family of course, but we’re not that open to each other. And we’re also in our lowest peek I may say,for we also have family problems in the moment. I don’t know what to do, all I know is that I have my God that loves us and for that I get strength to live. Many people that surrounds us  say many things about my family but still, as long as we can, we don’t mind them for they just makes our problems more. Sometimes I thought of how many people are blessed and lucky having born with wealth and fame, but I notice that to others it doesn’t make them happy and for some it just makes them evil. True enough.

For me, I just want a simple life. And I promise not to lose hope. I will do what I can, and I know that God will help me if I will do and make an effort. I just hope that I can help myself and change for better. I just need someone who can boost my confidence for I reallly having hard time trusting my strength and what I can do. I have a very low self esteem and I think that I’m not good to look at. I don’t know. I hope someone can relate to me and help me to have my confidence.

I will not lose hope to everything and I promise to do my responsibility as a good daughter, friend, girlfriend, grandchild, officemates and son to God. Can anyone help me to boost my confidence?

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