How Does Stress Affect a Couples Sex Drive?

Stress is define as distress or anxiety caused by pressure or tension….

    Stress can have a tremendous negative effect on your sexual desire. Stress related issues like losing a job, financial loss, family loss, family members getting ill, marital difficulties and various other difficulties can dramatically decrease your sex drive. It is very difficult to have sexual feelings when you are feeling worried about certain issues in your life, that might be affecting you, for example your personal problems.

    Men and women respond differently to the issues that causes stress, women usually have decreased sex drive when they are experiencing stress. Whereas men might use sex as a way to reduce stress. Hypo-active sexual desire disorder is a condition which causes an absence of sexual fantasies and desire for sex, this follows after a period of stress. Treatment of this condition is done through counselling and psychotherapy. Individuals who lose their sex drive over stressful circumstances might turn to alcohol, cigarette smoking, overeating or other unhealthy behaviours, stress also reduces testosterone levels.

    Individuals experiencing stressful circumstances should use exercise and relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga. Getting plenty of rest and sleep, also eating a proper diet is very important in the relieve of the symptoms of stress.

    Sex is also very good for relieving stress, intimacy is also vital for a couple in reducing stress levels, especially work related stress. Based on various studies that were done, it was discovered that intimacy between couples helps to lower their levels of the stress hormone cortisol. 

    Individuals in positive relationships with healthy sex drives can better deal with the stress in their lives. It is best to deal with your stress first, mainly through changes in lifestyle, counseling or support groups, it is best for couples to seek medical advice if they are uncertain about how to seek a solution to their problems with the stress in their lives.

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