How to Admit You are Depressed

This may seem like a silly article but for some people it can be difficult to admit that they feel depressed.

According to statistics 1 in 4 of us at some point in our lifetime suffer with a mental health problem. The likelihood of this being depression is even higher as it is one of the most, if not the, common mental health illnesses. However many people feel that asking for help or going to a doctor shows a sign of weakness or feel they are not ” ill” enough to be going to a doctor. One of the biggest fears that accompanys that is that the doctor might say ” you are suffering from depression” or even worse for some ” i will make a referral to the community mental health team for an assessment”.

Depression is an illness. End of. There is no discussion or debate regarding that. So why do so few seek help? Shame. Because when you are suffering from depression, your confidence and self esteem is also at rock bottom and you do not feel that you are worth the help. It is not a sign of a weakness in you asking for help. A doctor will not change his attitude just because you are not seeing him about a ear infection. If you are referred it is because the doctor feels that you would benefit from more specialist advice. Lets put it this way if you broke your leg and it needed an operation, you would want to see an orthopedic surgeon instead of your GP, wouldnt you? Well the same applies here, they are just giving you even more of a chance of a full recovery.

So How Do I Ask For Help?

I am not going to go through the symptoms of depression because there are so many articles about that and besides many of them are exactly the same. What i want to do is give you ways of asking for help, which many articles do not cover, they just say go to your GP. They do not actually say what to expect in the long run.

The first thing you have to do is admit to yourself that you are ill. If you feel down most of the time, have very few pleasures left anymore, find it difficult to do things and concentrate then you are probably suffering from Depression. The thing with depression is it can be a short lived thing where you may experience it for a few months or more long term where it may carry on for months on end, or you suffer repeated episodes. What matters to you though, whether it is short lived or not, if it is bothering you where you find daily tasks hard, you need help.

Go and see your GP. Preferbly one that you have seen before is likely to be more beneficial. Try and not worry about the appointment, after all they see people all the time with depression. Here are a few things you could start off with:

- Over the past couple of —————– ( put in how long you have felt this way) i have been feeling increasingly depressed.

- I am feeling really very low at the moment and do not know why i am feeling this way.

- I am having difficulty concentrating at school, college/ work. I do not know why though and it is getting me down.

It may seem silly but once you have started the conversation the doctor will ask you questions about various aspects of depression.

The doctor may well decide to prescribe an antidepressant for a few months. They take a couple of weeks to kick in so keep with them. You do have a choice with medication and with referrals so if you do not want them, do say.

Like i said you may be referred to the local community team. Again this may be daunting but it is the same procedure as with the doctor. They have more knowledge on the illnesses and medications, so it is worth seeing them.

I hope i have said everything that may be of help to you, but if not contact me and i will explain for you.

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