How to Deal with Anxiety; 10 Ways

Here are 10 ways on how to deal with anxiety. Learn these tips on how to deal with anxiety.

What is Anxiety- Learn the Ways How to Deal with It

Anxiety is a relatively permanent state of worry and nervousness occurring in a variety of mental disorders, usually accompanied by compulsive behavior or attacks of panic.

And the threats to life, relationships, and self-esteem can create mountains of anxiety, often with a resulting loss of equilibrium. There are several ways to deal with anxiety, below are the followings according to Larry Y. Deal with it now.

Ways on How to Deal with Anxiety




Deal with Anxiety by Taking time Each day to Strengthen your Union with God


 If you will do this each day, then anxiety will not paralyze you. Your life will have meaning and purpose. Your presence in this mixed-up world will spread light instead of shadows. Caring for you in a crisis is God’s specialty. He will create within you the peace that displaces the deepest anxiety. Perhaps the most insightful biblical counsel of all is the admonition to “be still, and know that I am God” (Psalm 46: 10). Being still is the big obstacle. In a busy world where people have become addicted to their own adrenaline, it is a traumatic experience to slow down. This is the most important ways on how to deal with anxiety.


Deal with Anxiety by Analyzing your Situation Carefully

Another ways on how to deal with anxiety is to talk it through with a person who won’t be afraid of strong feelings. Openly expressing your painful emotions will render the negative emotions powerless to cripple you. So learn this ways on how to deal with anxiety.

Deal with Anxiety by Being Not Worry

Another important ways on how to deal with anxiety is this. Worry is a futile waste of energy. It focuses on the wrong things. Jesus established this in principle (see Matthew 6:25-34), using the birds and the wildflowers as examples. They have no way of providing for their own future, but in spite of their Helplessness they survive year after year because God knows their needs and provides for them! If God is concerned about the creatures of the wild, then He will certainly focus on the details of your life. This is good ways on how to deal with anxiety.

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