How to Deal with Stress

In this article, I am describing some ways to de-stress.

 In today’s world, stress is a common and frequent companion to most people. It does not have either geographical or age or cultural boundaries. From students to working people to non-working people, stress is a known phenomenon. Outlined in this article are some ways to reduce stress.

  • First and foremost, identify clearly the source of stress. You have to be clear about what it is about a place or situation or outcome that stresses you out and why it does so.
  • Secondly, keep a journal and write in it whatever you are stressed about. Believe me, when you write down your worries, they seem smaller than when they are in your head. Also write down the worst-case scenario that you think could come out of the stressful situation. You will realize most of the time that your fears are unfounded. What you feared would happen is a very improbable thing to happen.
  • Try to take up a healthy activity like walking, jogging, exercising, etc everyday in order to have an outlet for the stress. You will feel the stress evaporate from your body as you exercise or walk. Take out half an hour from your schedule to keep yourself healthy.
  • If you are interested, try meditating as well. It is not as difficult as you think. Sit in a place where you are alone, preferably with no noise as well. Close your eyes, sit with your back straight and focus your attention on your breathing. Different types of thoughts will come to your mind when you attempt to focus on your breathing, but try to push these thoughts away and concentrate fully on your breathing. Do this meditation for ten to fifteen minutes every day and you will realize how peaceful you feel and how much control you have gotten over your mind.
  • Be close to nature. Have some plants or trees in your house. We all have grass in our lawns or in nearby parks, go there and have a walk. Try walking on the grass, you will feel great. If there is an aquarium in your house or workplace, try watching the fish swim for a while, it will bring you a feeling of tranquility and harmony. If you have a beach in your city, go there and watch the waves of the ocean and feel as if you are a part of nature and you will get guaranteed stress release.
  • Take up a hobby. We all have our hobbies and interests when we are young but as we go to universities and then work, we usually forget them. Try reviving those interests. Did you love dancing, swimming, playing the guitar or coin collecting as a kid or teenager? Try these out again. If you don’t have time, take your hobbies up on the weekend, you will feel great.
  • Spend some time with children, if you have your own or some relatives’. You will discover how simple their lives are and how funny they are. You can play games with them and have fun. One benefit of spending time with kids is that you can also be a kid when you are with them. So enjoy and laugh away.

These were my stress-release techniques. I hope you find them useful. You can also read my articles on happiness, law of attraction and weight loss on the following links.

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  1. stress is a common problem, thanks for tips

  2. you are welcome and thanks for the feedback :)

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