How to Get Rid of Agoraphobia, Living This Life

For someone who has agoraphobia, you know how this problem disrupts and takes control of your life. Here are some tips I have for you, coming from and agoraphobic, me!

Agoraphobia is a major condition that basically comes out of nowhere and takes over your life.  One day your happy, living and just being you, the next no one even knows who you are anymore as you dont even recognize yourself.  It is said that agoraphobia comes from panic disorder.  I being a agoraphobic myself completely agrees.  

Im not going to sit here and lie to you about this illness.  It is a long process but over time can be overcame.  I have had this now for almost a year and Im just now seeing a light and Im no where near cured.  It has been known to last a lifetime if you allow it too.  Most people who work towards it and get help can get over it in 2 to 10 years depending on you.  Its all up to you.   Basically the people who dont accomplish overcoming this are the ones who are too afraid to go through a panic attack.  Alot of people take medications to help subside the intensity of agoraphobia, I am not one of them people as I am scared to take medications, so I am doing this all on my own.

The best treatment for agoraphobia, is to face your fears.  Alot of others use medications, cognigitive therapy, exposure therapy, simple therapy, meditation, deep relaxation, and hypnosis.  You basically have to play around with each to find out which works best for you.

If you can overcome panic, you can overcome agoraphobia.  As said they think panic is the leading cause of agoraphobia and like I said being a agoraphobic, I know it is.  Its all about being afraid of the panic attack.  Its never easy to get through them but you need to face them to conquer your fears and the more you do it the more you will no longer fear it.  

Here is a list of what I have been doing and what you may need to do to help you to understand and to overcome.

  1.  Everyday you have to face your fear in some way.  If you dont it will just get worse over time.  One day will turn into 2 and so on and so on and one day you will realize you are scared of everything.  
  2. When you panic do not run from it and do not fight it.  Simply face it and breath and just let it pass.  It cannot hurt you in anyway.  Its just your bodies way of getting you prepared for something bad when theres nothing to be aware of.  
  3. If you must exit the situation, walk away but do not leave.  After you feel that you have regained your composer, try it again.  Try it again and again until you accomplish it, its hard but trust me you CAN do it.  And you will be that much closer to freedom.
  4. Dont let your fear make you think anything bad will happen.  Panic and agoraphobia cannot and will not hurt you.  It will not make you fall, faint, embarass yourself and most importantly it cannot kill you.
  5. Try hypnotherapy, or some sort of deep relaxation.  I myself go to sleep every night using hypnotherapy.  It may take a few weeks to take some sort of effect but it does eventually help to relax you.  
  6. Another thing is visualization.  Get in a nice quiet setting, where you cannot be interrupted.  Start visualizing a nice quiet place like a beach or somewhere you enjoy.  Try to use all of your senses to feel like you are really in the moment.  Then repeat to yourself over and over again every kind of positive affirmation you can think of.  
  7. Anoher type of visualization is the before visualization.  When you know you are about to do something that you are going to panic at, simply play it over and over in your head and visualize that you are already doing it.  Let the panic come and subside, just remember your in your safe zone and you can come out of it anytime but its best to just let the panic happen.  
  8. Always take little steps till you get them down without fear and then go further and further.
  9. One of the most important things that I have ever heard that has stuck with me and helped me to cope is “let the fear in, and when you do so you will realize what you fear the most will not happen”.

Now remember I have not fully conquered this myself.  I have been fighting this for almost a year.  But at the same time, I use to be the person that was scared to leave my house.  I wouldnt go anywhere.  I was even too afraid to walk to my mailbox in my front yard.  I started by taking small steps and I am now able to go to town, and spend time with people and enjoy my life in small increments.  I still cant go too far and I cant be alone but I have come a long way.  I can even go to the back of some stores.  So just remember with time and alot of work you can overcome this and you can live your life once again.  Just believe in whats important….YOU!

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