How to Know If Someone Needs Psychological Help

This article describes certain behaviors which could be potentially life saying, if you know them.

You might have a friend or relative who you think may be suffering from a mental illness. How do you know if this person needs mental help? Here are three things, that, if present, may suggest the person needs mental and medical attention immediately.

  1. The person is in constant agony or discomfort from their potential mental illness.
  2. The person cannot function correctly and becomes inefficient from the potential mental illness.
  3. The person has frequent breakdowns and mood swings.

If you notice any of these symptoms in your friends or family, it could potentially be life saving if you suggest the help of a licensed counsellor or psychiatrist in your area. Be a good friend, be honest with the person. If you care deeply about them, most likely they feel the same and will take your advice. Most mental illnesses are treatable, the person may once again, live a normal life, after receiving help from a professional.

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  1. yes how true most mental problems are treatable if timely help taken well written article.

  2. Thank you!

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