How to Make Yourself Feel Incredible 99% of The Time!

An amazing article on feeling good, why its so important in life and how to make the most of yourself. What effect that you feeling good has on others and how to get yourself feeling incredible 99% of the time by reading the article. Must read!

You might want to really take a moment, sit down and think about your life, the circumstances you’re in and what you really want from life for real no playing around.  Find what the negative influences are and eliminate them from your life, this is self-respect.

Now if you get yourself in a truly happy state you’ll notice how creative and spontaneous you become – This is where the magic happens.  If you’ve ever been in this state you’ll know what I mean, it’s as if your brain has access to everything it needs to and you’ll say and do things with excellence and you think to yourself “how did I come up with that?”

There are many things you can do to influence your emotional state and of course the best time to start is in the morning when you wake up.  Also of course before you go to bed, if you’re going to enjoy your day at work then you need plenty of sleep and to be prepared before you wake up.

Music is one very powerful way to tune in to that state.  I like to think of it as a frequency you tap in to.  Like with a radio you have to keep adjusting and turning until you clearly hear the station you want, if you’re not tuned in on the right frequency you get a fuzzy sound that’s unclear and scrambled.  One music video that really shows this is Flo Rida’s – Good Feeling, you can see he is living in his own reality, doing what he wants to do being the best person he can be.

Rapper Flo Rida signing autographs at the shooting of his music video “Sugar” on a beach in Miami, Florida. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Feeling good is the most attractive state you can be in.  It’s like a magnet people are automatically drawn to.  When you are feeling good and truly being yourself, understanding, being good at whatever it is you’re currently doing it’s like positive momentum it just builds and people recognise it a mile off.

The more you access a certain state of being, the more pathways in your brain are created to let you access that state more often.  Imagine if you were in an amazing state during most of your life.  This means by you being you, you’re automatically offering value to those around you, you’re present to the moment, not judging or caring too much what others think of you. 

Always use positive things to influence you emotionally rather than negative things or things at the expense of your own health.  Everything everyone does really ultimately is to feel good – but we have different ways of going about this. 

I finish this article by telling you to be conscious and aware of your own life and how you think and really to hopefully help you think about really improving the quality and making your own self feel good more often and others.

Love your life and squeeze the juice out of every moment, there is value to be gained in every situation, with everyone you encounter and you’re alive right now.  Enjoy who you are.

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